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Evernote 'Work Chat' Makes Collaboration Easier for Businesses

Evernote 'Work Chat' Makes Collaboration Easier for Businesses
Credit: Evernote

Looking for a better way to collaborate? Business owners who rely on Evernote to stay organized and share ideas now have a better way to connect and work with their team. Unveiled earlier this year and now launched out of beta, Evernote's new communication and collaboration tool is now available for desktops, mobile devices and over the Web.

Work Chat is all about letting users start conversations and collaborate within the Evernote platform. This way, they can quickly talk to colleagues and share content they're working on without the hassle of leaving Evernote to launch additional or multiple apps.

Here's what Work Chat has to offer businesses and how it can make collaboration easier than ever for Evernote users. [5 Hidden Evernote Features to Boost your Business]


Work Chat's main feature is, like the name suggests, its chat function. Users can easily start individual or group chats inside Evernote, even if invitees aren't current Evernote users.

To launch a new chat, just click on the Work Chat icon and instant message team members. To make connecting even faster, Work Chat can also learn who users chat with the most — frequent connections automatically appear in notes and notebooks, so starting a new chat is as easy as tapping or clicking on a colleague's photo.


Work Chat isn't limited to instant messaging. It's also a sharing and collaboration platform that lets users instantly share Evernote content within conversations.

Note sharing works on both mobile and desktop devices. On mobile devices, simply view the note and tap the Work Chat icon to send it to a chat conversation. On your desktop, either click the Work Chat icon on the notebook list or drag and drop the note into the chat window; if the note is already open, just use the Share button for one-click sharing.

Users can also share notes by email — without having to leave their Evernote workspace to launch an email client. Enter the recipient's email address into Work Chat, click send and the note will immediately appear in that person's Evernote accounts. And unlike sharing notes via regular email platforms, shared content stays within Evernote for easy access, so you don't have to dig through cluttered inboxes and sent folders.


In addition to chat and note sharing, Work Chat users can also work on notes together in real time. Shared notes can be set to either a view-only option or you can grant editing capabilities to recipients.

One collaboration feature business users will love is that Work Chat displays who is working on which note. The note list shows photos of people you've shared content with. A spinning ring indicates who is currently editing the note.

Work Chat works on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android devices and over the Web. To try Work Chat, update your device to the latest version of Evernote or use the Evernote Web app.

Sara Angeles

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