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Tablets and Retro Toys Top Google's Trending Gift Searches

Tablets and Retro Toys Top Google's Trending Gift Searches
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If you want to know the gifts your customers will be clamoring for this holiday season, Google may have the answers.

Video games, tablets, retro toys and warm clothes are among the top trending items on Google Shopping this month, according to new research from Google.

The research shows that although video game consoles and tablets are the top gifts trending on Google Shopping, wearable technology, like the Fitbit, are also garnering attention this month.

Additionally, a few retro toys are piquing consumers' interest this season. The new movie "Ouija" is contributing to an increase in searches for Ouija boards, which are up 300 percent since October. In addition, queries for the "Barbie Dream House" and "My Little Pony" are also up from last month. [20 Inexpensive Secret Santa Gift Ideas for Co-Workers ]

The analysis revealed that cold-weather apparel, such as hunting boots and Canada Goose jackets, is among the clothing items being searched for most on Google. Specifically, searches for the boots are up 46 percent since last month, while queries for the jackets are up 140 percent.

Shoppers are interested in other types of clothes, too: The research discovered that jogger pants are also in high demand, with searches up 39 percent from October.

If recent trends are any indication, businesses better be prepared for an influx of mobile shoppers this holiday season. There are 3.5 times more shopping searches on Google coming from smartphones than there were this time a year ago, and the search engine giant is currently sending more mobile traffic to retailers per week from Google Shopping than it did during the peak of last holiday season.

The research also shows just how much consumers are relying on their smartphones to read customer reviews, watch product demos and find other retailers with products in stock nearby when they're out shopping. Google discovered that the top spending days in 2013 for in-store sales were also the days when it saw the biggest spikes in shopping searches on mobile devices.

The research found that shoppers are eager to get started on their holiday shopping. The Google search analysis shows the top questions consumers are asking about Black Friday:

  • What time do stores open on Black Friday?
  • What time does Black Friday start?
  • When does Black Friday end?
  • What to buy on Black Friday?

The research was based on previous Google search data, the MasterCard SpendingPulse Report and Google Trends analysis.

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