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'Dropoff' Helps Small Businesses Offer Same-Day Delivery

'Dropoff' Helps Small Businesses Offer Same-Day Delivery
Dropoff offers local same-day delivery for a wide range of industries. / Credit: Dropoff.com

When it comes to shipping, customers' expectations are pretty high. Smartphones and tablets have granted consumers constant, instant access to information — and just as they want quick access to their data, when people want a product, they want it right now.

Thanks to Amazon's same-day delivery service and, more recently, Google Express in select U.S. cities, shoppers can now place an order online and have it at their doorstep within hours. Waiting days or even weeks for a package to arrive is no longer standard practice with many companies offering same or next-day shipping, and small businesses are feeling the pressure to up the ante for delivery options.

Dropoff, a new startup that launched today (Nov. 12), is helping local business owners in Austin, Texas, do just that by offering same-day delivery services. The company, which plans to expand to additional metropolitan areas in the near future, hopes to modernize the same-day courier industry by introducing high-tech solutions and exceptional customer service to its business clients. [3 Big Challenges for Small E-Commerce Retailers (and How to Overcome Them)]

"Until now, most of the industry has been left to small, one-off courier companies that don't necessarily have an interest or capabilities in breaking from the norm," said Sean Spector, CEO and co-founder of Dropoff. "Our background is in creating great customer experiences. What we are building is a reimagining of the current courier and same-day delivery industry. We see that there is a tremendous opportunity to improve the overall experience from top to bottom."

Businesses in a wide range of industries — including retail, food and grocery, hospitality, legal, real estate and health care — can benefit from Dropoff's same-day services. Customers submit a Dropoff request at Dropoff.com on their desktop computer or mobile device. Then, a nearby screened, trained and insured Dropoff agent accepts the request via a proprietary mobile app and heads to the pickup destination. Once the request is accepted, the Dropoff agent picks up the customer's items within minutes and transports the delivery to the destination address. While the package is en route, customers are able to view the exact location and status of the delivery at any time. Customers receive confirmations throughout the process, and are able to rate and review the experience afterward.

A Dropoff delivery summary Credit: Dropoff.com

Spector noted that Dropoff may help local retailers that are looking to compete with industry giants, especially with the holiday shopping season rapidly approaching.

"Retail is already one of our five fast-growing categories that we currently service," Spector told Business News Daily. "We give businesses the tools to offer a higher level of service than they could otherwise [provide] on their own. Local small businesses will benefit from our easy online ordering, real-time tracking and confirmations for their customers. We help businesses do their business better."

For more information on pricing and services, visit Dropoff.com.

Nicole Fallon

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