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Respond to Reviews Instantly with 'Google My Business' App

Respond to Reviews Instantly with 'Google My Business' App
Credit: Google

Too busy to respond to customer reviews? Google wants to help. For busy business owners who use Google+ Local, there's now an easier way to connect with customers on the go.

Google announced this week new updates to the Google My Business app, which now lets businesses better engage with customers by allowing owners to respond to reviews anytime, anywhere from their mobile devices. This means no need to set aside time to sit down and respond to reviews. You'll also know exactly when a review has been posted.

In the past, the Google My Business app provided only very basic functions like posting to Google+ and tracking website performance across Google properties. Here's what the update has to offer and what it means for small businesses. [5 Influential Review Sites That Matter to Your Reputation]

Push notifications

Get real-time alerts every time someone posts a review about your business on Google+ Local. Then launch the Google My Business app from the push notification to easily view and respond to reviews.

Timely responses

Leaving negative reviews hanging is bad business. Doing so lets potential customers create their own judgments, leaving you defenseless and with potentially lost business. With the Google My Business app update, you can respond to reviews on the spot, giving you a chance to immediately demonstrate excellent customer service by quickly addressing issues and responding to feedback.

Better integration with AdWords Express

Whether you're promoting a product, service or event, the AdWords Express app makes it easy to advertise on the Google network using a mobile device. Now you can also track your campaigns' success through the Google My Business app. With this integration, Google My Business displays your top monthly stats and lets you easily switch to AdWords Express to make any changes to ad campaigns.

Don't see the update on your app? Google will be rolling it out over the next few days, and it should arrive on your device soon.

Originally published on Business News Daily.

Sara Angeles

Sara is a tech writer with a background in business and marketing. After graduating from UC Irvine, she worked as a copywriter and blogger for nonprofit organizations, tech labs and lifestyle companies. She started freelancing in 2009 and joined Business News Daily in 2013. Follow Sara Angeles on Twitter @sara_angeles.