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No Time for a Video Call? Movy Lets You Send Video Voicemails

No Time for a Video Call? Movy Lets You Send Video Voicemails
Movy is a video messaging platform designed to encourage contextual communication. / Credit: Movy.co

Despite the growth and popularity of visual social networks like Instagram and Vine, text-based channels are the primary modes of communication in the business world. It's difficult to find a workplace whose employees don't use email and instant messaging on a daily and near-constant basis to stay in touch. While these methods are certainly convenient and have their place in the modern office, there's no denying that some of the context of personal interactions is lost when you communicate via email or IM.

When you can't speak with someone in person but need that face-to-face context, a video call is the go-to alternative. But what if you don't have time for a call at the moment, or won't be in a place where you can conduct a professional videoconference? Movy, an asynchronous video messaging platform, has set out to solve this problem.

With Movy, you can send a public or private video message to anyone, even if they're not on Movy. There's no attachments or file uploading involved — simply press the red record button and send your video message directly to a Movy user, or as a sharable link via email or social media. The recipient can then respond with a Movy message at his or her convenience. [11 Collaboration Tools for Small Business]

Movy's video messaging app can be used from any device or operating system. Credit: Movy.co

In a video interview with Business News Daily via the Movy platform, CEO Christopher Joyce said that the app's creation stemmed from an internal communication issue within Movy's parent company, Joyce.

"About a year and a half ago, we were running into communication issues," Joyce said. "We have people across the globe in different countries and states, [and] there was a lack of context in the [text-based] conversations. Because this meaning was lost, we would have to arrange face-to-face meetings or video meetings in live time. But getting people into these meetings at the same time with the same system was difficult. We created Movy [as an] open system for back and forth conversations."

The greatest value Movy can provide a business team is speed and efficiency in collaboration, Joyce said. Rather than poring through threads of forwarded email conversations, you can loop in any necessary personnel with a recorded Movy message.

"Instead of taking hours, days or weeks to get teams on the same page, it happens like that," he told Business News Daily. "[Recorded] conversations have value. You can save them and share them with anyone afterwards [as a] usable work product."

Joyce predicted that text-based communications will fall to the wayside over the next five to 10 years, and video messaging platforms like Movy will be the way of the future. In the next generation of Movy, Joyce hopes to include highly sophisticated listening functionality to allow the platform to automatically listen for, create, assign and track business tasks, taking it from a simple communication tool to a full-scale project management solution.

Movy is available as a free Android app through the Google Play store or as a Web app on any browser or device. To view the full Business News Daily-Movy video interview with Joyce, click here.

Originally published on Business News Daily.

Nicole Fallon

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