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Grow Your Business Technology

Best Business Phablets (and Why We Love Them)

Galaxy Note 4, Samsung, phablets
Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 packs a huge 5.7-inch screen and a stylus. <b><a href="http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-Note-Charcoal-Verizon-Wireless/dp/B00NKRDCFA/?&tag=businessnewsdaily-20" target="_blank">BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 4 >>></a></b> / Credit: Samsung

Bigger is better when it comes to business phones. At least, if you want ample screen space for productivity tasks like reading documents, editing spreadsheets and viewing multiple apps on-screen at the same time. But the phones on this list, which have displays bigger than 5.5 inches, aren't for everyone. Users who can handle the extra bulk, however, might really benefit from a bigger device. Here are the best business phablets you can buy in 2015.



LG took last year's uniquely curved phablet and made it more practical – without sacrificing power or performance. The G Flex 2 is the first phone running Qualcomm's Snapdragon 810 processor, so navigation and multitasking will be snappier than ever. Speaking of multitasking, the phone includes LG's multi window software that lets you run two apps on-screen at once. And while the original G Flex packed a monster 6-inch display, the new iteration has a more manageable 5.5-inch display that still provides tons of room to work. Sure, the curved design is a bit gimmicky, but it has some practical benefits. Business users will appreciate that the curve puts the microphone closer to your mouth and the speaker closer to your ear, making calls clearer for both parties. Plus, the phone's back is made of a self-healing plastic that lets you easily buff out scratches in seconds.

  • 5.5-inch display
  • Multitasking friendly
  • Durable
  • Curved design



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Photo credit: Apple/BUY Apple iPhone 6 Plus >>>


After years of launching 4-inch smartphones, Apple upped the ante this year with a 5.5-inch iPhone. Compared to previous phones from Apple, the iPhone 6 Plus gives you much more room to work on. The extra screen space even allows for some tabletlike functionality, such as dual-pane mode: apps such as Mail and Messages will show a persistent navigation pane on the left side of the screen when viewed in landscape mode, to let you easily navigate between conversations. Plus, the iPhone 6 Plus delivers the same great features you'll find in other iPhones, including Apple's Touch ID fingerprint reader, which provides a good security boost for business users. Plus, the iPhone 6 Plus supports Apple Pay, a new NFC-based mobile wallet system that lets you pay using your smartphone.

  • 5.5-inch display
  • Long battery life
  • Fingerprint reader

BUY Apple iPhone 6 Plus >>>


Photo credit: Samsung / BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 4 >>

Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 is its most-refined phablet yet.  The 5.7-inch smartphone gets its name from the built-in stylus, which can turn your phone into a note-taking machine as soon as you pull it from its slot atop the device. And the Note 4 has a pressure-sensitive display, allowing for smoother and more natural handwriting. Plus, it has features other phablets lack, like Multi Window mode, a multitasking feature that lets you run two apps on-screen at once in a split-screen view. The phablet's screen isn't just big – it's also one of the sharpest screens you'll find on any mobile device. Other hardware highlights include a super-fast processor, swappable battery and microSD card slot so you can expand the internal storage.

  • 5.7-inch display
  • Stylus-equipped
  • Expandable memory
  • Removable battery
  • Multitasking friendly
  • Long battery life
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Productivity app selection

BUY Samsung Galaxy Note 4 >>


BUY Google Nexus 6 >>

If you want a smartphone with top-tier hardware and the latest software, you can't beat the Nexus 6. The phone comes with a superfast processor and a big 6-inch display that gives you tons of room to work. But what makes it a standout business phone is that it's part of Google's Nexus line, which means that it receives operating-system updates before other Android devices do. Currently, it's one of only a couple of phones you can buy that runs Android 5.0 Lollipop, which includes a slew of new productivity-boosting features. Lollipop gives you better control over your alerts and notifications, adds new security features, and can even boost battery life.

  • Early firmware updates
  • 6-inch display

BUY Google Nexus 6 >>


Photo credit: Nokia / BUY Nokia Lumia 1520 >>

The Nokia Lumia 1520 is still the best phablet for Windows Phone fans. Launched last year, the device packs a large 6-inch screen that affords tons of digital real estate for on-the-go-productivity. Meanwhile, the phone's epic 11.5-hour battery life — that's with continuous use — means you won't have to worry about it running out of juice in the middle of the workday. And the Lumia 1520 is even better for business than it used to be, thanks to the recent launch of Windows Phone 8.1, a major operating system update. New features include an integrated notification drawer that lets you view and act on all your alerts from a single location. And Cortana, a new digital assistant service, can respond to your voice commands to set reminders, check your calendar, perform Web searches and more.

  • 6.-inch display
  • Expandable memory
  • Long battery life
  • Productivity app selection

BUY Nokia Lumia 1520 >>


Photo credit: LG / BUY LG G3 >>

LG's G3 is a big, feature-packed phablet. The phone sports a 2,560 by 1,440-pixel, 5.5-inch screen that's only matched by Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in terms of pixel density. That's a plus for business users who need to complete screen-intensive tasks like viewing documents and editing spreadsheets while on the go. Software highlights include QSlide, a multitasking feature that lets you open a second app in a floating, persistent window, so you can juggle tasks. For example, the feature lets you respond to an email while using the calculator or conducting research in a Web browser. Qslide lets you resize the app window, drag it around the screen, and even tweak its transparency. Knock Code, meanwhile, is a handy security feature that lets you unlock your phone by registering a unique sequence of taps on the screen, whether the display is turned on or off.

  • 5.5-inch display
  • Expandable memory
  • Removable battery
  • Multitasking friendly
  • Security features

BUY LG G3 >>



BUY Huawei Ascend Mate 2 >>

In terms of performance and pixel-density, Huawei's Ascend Mate 2 can't compete with other phablets on this list. On the other hand, no other smartphone can beat the Ascend Mate 2's epic 15-hour battery life. And it has more to offer than longevity, including an affordable price tag, for a phablet: you can still pick it up for under $300 off-contract, with no need to commit to a pricey two-year contract through a major wireless carrier. On top of that, you get a huge 6.1-inch display that gives you plenty of room to work on, even if it's not as sharp as the screens on more premium devices.

  • 6.1-inch display
  • Expandable memory
  • Long battery life
  • Budget friendly

BUY Huawei Ascend Mate 2 >>

Originally published on Business News Daily.
Brett Nuckles

Brett Nuckles has been a working journalist since 2009. He got his start in local newspapers covering community news, local government, education and more before he joined the Business News Daily staff in 2013. He graduated from Ohio University, where he studied Journalism and English. Follow him on Twitter @BrettNuckles.