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App Developers Say Resilience Is Key to Entrepreneurial Success

App Developers Say Resilience Is Key to Entrepreneurial Success
Credit: Oleksiy Mark/Shutterstock

Entrepreneurs: Josiah Humphrey & Mark McDonald
Business name: Appster   
Years in business: 3
Website address: AppsterHQ.com

People rely on apps for everything these days. From organization and productivity to games and music streaming, apps do it all. And if there isn't already an app for what you want or need, it's likely that there will be one very soon. But who is responsible for creating your favorite apps? App developers — both individuals and companies like Appster. 

Co-founders Josiah Humphrey and Mark McDonald launched Appster, an iOS and Android app development company, three years ago, when they were both 19 years old. Appster has since grown into a company with hubs in three countries and more than 100 employees, operating under their mission statement, "Challenge assumptions. Disrupt the status quo. Build things that change the world." Humphrey and McDonald told Business News Daily all about how they use technology and what they think about the app world. [5 Unique Mobile Apps for Your Business ]

Appster co-founders Josiah Humphrey and Mark McDonald

Business News Daily: What problem were you hoping to solve when you started your business?

Appster: When we first started, we were excited about the possibility of delivering great software and helping entrepreneurs around the world with the ideas they had. Now, what really excites us is how we could solve some of the world's most compelling problems through technology, whether that be software, hardware or green tech. There are so many opportunities, and that's what we're so passionate about. We've now become "The Ideas Company" and a place people come to make their incredible idea a reality.

BND: Could your business have existed 20 years ago?

Appster: Apps didn't exist. This business wouldn't have been possible even 10 years ago. With the introduction of the App Store six years ago, this is what really gave Appster a chance to grow. And even we were late to the party — we've only been around for three years.

BND: What technology (or technologies) has been the greatest help to your business?

Appster: The evolution of the smartphone and tablet was really the cornerstone of our business. The idea that there was "an app for that" made people think, "There's not an app for that!" [And that] really became a catalyst for a new type of entrepreneur and one that we were able to help.

BND: What technology can't you live without?

Appster: The MacBook and iPhone. [For apps,] Evernote, Things and Spotify. I think being in this industry, we're obsessed with all sorts of apps that help us be more productive or make life easier.

BND: If you could hire one extra employee right now, what would you have that person do?

Appster: Currently, we are on the hunt for a great chief marketing officer but have been patient, as we need someone who understands what we're trying to create at Appster and has the relevant skills to help us get there.

BND: What technology do you wish existed that doesn't?

Appster: We are still waiting for the iPhone that can project an image onto a wall. Maybe the iPhone 10 will do that.

BND: Where do you see technology in your industry going over the next three to five years?

Appster: We believe that technology will continue to evolve; platforms will change. A great example of this is Google Glass; we've started developing apps on this platform. The point is, software is here to stay and is a big part of our lives now. The device technology and/or platforms will change over time, software will operate on it, and we will continue to change with it.

BND: What's the most valuable nontech skill an entrepreneur needs?

Appster: Resilience — [Having the] ability to not see failure as a real failure, but rather a lesson to learn from and constantly improve upon.

Originally published on Business News Daily.

Brittney Morgan

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