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Google's Slides Presentation App Launches on iOS

Google's Slides Presentation App Launches on iOS
The new app offers the same functionality as the Android and Web versions. / Credit: Google

Business users toting iPhones and iPads could already create and edit documents and spreadsheets using Google's Docs and Sheets apps for iPhone. Now, you can create business presentations on your iOS device by using the new Slides app, now available on iPhone and iPad for the first time.

The new app offers the same functionality as the Android and Web versions of the presentation software, letting you create and edit slideshows on the go. That's a plus for anyone who needs to share a lot of information at once with their employees or co-workers. And since all Slides presentations are automatically synced to your Google account, you can access and edit them on any desktop or mobile device.

And like other versions of Slides, the iOS app also includes collaboration tools, so you can work with other members of your team to create presentations. By sharing in-progress files, two or more people can collaboratively edit a presentation at the same time, no matter which devices they're using. The app also includes an offline mode so you can store slideshows on your iPhone or iPad's internal memory and edit them from anywhere. The next time you connect to the Internet, any changes will be automatically synced to your account.

With the launch of Slides for iOS, all three of Google's productivity apps— Docs, Sheets and Slides — are now available on the desktop, iOS and Android. Google's apps are a solid alternative to iWork, Apple's own mobile productivity suite, especially if you need to switch between your iOS mobile device and an Android or Windows machine.

Brett Nuckles

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