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12 Unique and Useful Pet-Inspired Businesses

Shannon Gausepohl

Pets are a part of your family. They play with you, sleep in your bed and gleefully greet you after you've had a long day at work. Many pet owners are on the lookout for items to spoil their four-legged friends or that will make their pets' lives easier. Here are just a few businesses offering unique products and services for your furry family members.

Cat Genie


Cats are capable of taking care of themselves for the most part, minus cleaning their litter boxes and getting fed (in some cases, however, they know how to break into that, too). But what if your cat could use a cat-size toilet? Dream no more. The Cat Genie, is a full-size cat box that looks, and operates, similarly to a toilet.

According to the site, Cat Genie is a full-size, automatic cat box that uses permanent Washable Granules. Unlike disposable cat litter, Cat Genie's Washable Granules never need changing and are 100 percent dust-free, biodegradable and septic-safe. The self-cleaning product rids itself of liquid and solid cat waste without owners ever having to handle cat litter again.

The cleaning system will run you approximately $244 without the cost of additional supplies. 



If leaving your felines alone while you go off to work every day makes you sad, Kittyo might be just the thing you need. Cat owners can use the device and app to interact with their furry friends even when they're not in the same room.

The device, which retails for $249, allows users to speak to their cats, play with them, dispense treats to them and even watch what they do while the owners are gone. The product works by connecting to a smartphone app, which in turn allows you to control the device from anywhere, as long as you've got an internet connection. You can use the device to shine a laser around the room for your cat to play with and record videos with a few taps on your screen. With Kittyo, you don't have to work from home to play with your cat on your lunch break. 

Cuddle Clones

Border Collie Jozie and her Cuddle CloneCuddle ClonesCredit: Cuddle Clones

Do you love your pet so much you want an exact copy? Although actual cloning may not be an option, Cuddle Clones solves this problem by making custom stuffed animals that look identical to your fur baby.

Cuddle Clones creates one-of-a-kind plush replicas of your pets, based on photos and your chosen customization options. You can personalize everything from eye color and ear position to pose and tail position, so that your stuffed animal is as close to the real thing as possible. And yes, you can even get one that's true to size. You're not limited to dogs and cats, either; Cuddle Clones will replicate horses, turtles, rabbits, ferrets, birds, pigs and more.

Cuddle Clones also donates to animal-related causes, so while you're getting a plush copy of your furry friend, you're also helping Cuddle Clones give back and assist animals in need. 

Rent The Chicken

Rent the ChickenRentTheChicken.comCredit:

The thought of having farm-fresh eggs at your disposal and an adorable feathered friend to call your own might be appealing to some, but not everyone is equipped to handle a hen. Rent The Chicken gives you the opportunity to see exactly what goes into raising chickens before you bring one into your home permanently. 

So how does it work? According to the company's website, Rent The Chicken provides you with everything you need, including two egg-laying hens, a portable chicken coop, food and water dishes, enough food (with a non-GMO option as well) for the length of your rental time, and instructions for everything. Rental periods are open from May to November, which is when chickens lay the most eggs.

And, of course, if you absolutely fall in love with your chickens, you can adopt them for a fee that includes their supplies.



DoodyCalls says it's "the nation's trusted leader in pet-waste-removal services for homeowners and communities." That's right — DoodyCalls is the company you call to help pick up after your pets. 

Providing dog-pooper-scooper services, cat-litter-box cleaning, patio and deck deodorizing, and dog-waste-station setup and maintenance, DoodyCalls helps keep your yard and community waste-free. According to the company's FAQ page, DoodyCalls will scoop deer and goose poop, too: "We are happy to help keep any kind of poop off your lawn or off your community common areas." 

The Pet Loo

The Pet LooPetSafe.netCredit:

Sometimes, you just can't get outside to take your dog for a walk, or can't make it home in time to let your pets out to do their business. With The Pet Loo, you don't need to worry; it brings the outdoors inside, so your dogs can relieve themselves without ruining your carpet.

The Pet Loo is a portable, square pet toilet that has a layer of synthetic grass to resemble the outdoors and drain urine into its base. It also contains a removable waste container for easy cleanup. According to its website, The Pet Loo is ideal for apartments and new puppies, and is a more convenient alternative to pee pads and midnight bathroom breaks. The company also sells cleaning products, odor-eliminating cat litter and more. 

Dog Apparel 


Does your furbaby get cold in the winter due to its small size? Why not make them warm and fashionable with hoodies and other cute clothes? The Posh Puppy Boutique offers up multiple styles for multiple breeds, including hoodies for warmth and dresses for play. The site offers a handy sizing guide so you can get the sizes right for your pup from scruff to tail. Don't worry if the clothing gets dirty, there are washing instructions for the products. 



Protect your pup's eyes in a very cute way with Doggles: goggles for dogs. Doggles protect your dog's eyes from foreign objects, wind and UV light, and come in two different styles that can fit dogs weighing from 3 to 250 lbs. The product features foam face-padding, shatterproof and anti-fog lenses, and adjustable head and chin straps to keep the goggles in place. And, of course, they're adorable.  

According to the website, the pup-friendly eyewear isn't just for cosmetic purposes, but rather actual protection of the eyes. And Doggles are vet and vet ophthalmologist recommended.

The company also sells backpacks, flotation devices, toys, and other doggie necessities and accessories, as well as some products for cats. 

We Rent Goats 

We Rent GoatsWeRentGoats.comCredit:

Want a more environmentally friendly way to manicure your lawn? We Rent Goats loans herds of goats to people who need to clear weeds from fields, pastures, embankments, golf courses, ravines and more. Herbicides leave behind unwanted chemicals and cost a lot of money, and other animals like cows and sheep can't digest most weeds. But goats will eat just about anything, making them the perfect "green" way to get rid of pesky weeds. 

We Rent Goats will come survey your property to estimate how much time the goat mowing will take, how many goats you will need and how much it will cost you. From there, the company will deliver the goats and everything the animals need, including water troughs and nutritional supplements. We Rent Goats also puts up fencing if necessary and will supervise the goats for you. The goat minimum is about 100, but according to the company's website, no job is too big or too small. 

Wiggles Dog Wigs

Wiggles Dog WigsWigglesDogWigs.comCredit:

Wiggles Dog Wigs is all about making your pooch feel pretty. While it's not entirely obvious why people would want wigs for their dogs, rest assured that Wiggles Dog Wigs provides dog owners with only the best in canine hair wear.

According to the website, the business was inspired by founder Ruth Regina's niece. "The love of her art and her love of animals made an odd and unique coupling 20 years ago when [Regina's] niece, Marlana, asked her to make a wig for her basset hound."

Regina makes sure all her dog wigs are just as high-quality as the hair products she creates for her human customers, and has your pup's comfort level at the top of her priority list. 

Rescue Critters

Rescue CrittersRescueCritters.comCredit:

Few people are more important to your pet than your veterinarian. The people at Rescue Critters make it their mission to ensure that the professionals who care for your pets are properly trained, with their realistic pet "Mannikins." The company also helps pet owners learn first aid for their animals, so they can react quickly in the event of an accident or sudden illness. And according to the Rescue Critters website, that's what inspired the business in the first place:

"Rescue Critters was established in 1998. The inspiration came with the realization that there were no simulators available for teaching pet first-aid. This idea subsequently led to the development of animal training 'Mannikins' catered to the veterinary profession." 

Now, Rescue Critters also makes products for the military and search-and-rescue groups, and aims to create a "safer and more humane environment for people and animals."

Fido to go

Fido to goFidoToGo.netCredit:

Food trucks seem to be the latest restaurant craze, and with Fido to go, your dog can join in on the foodie fun. Fido to go is a food truck that offers gourmet (or as they call it, "gourmutt") canine catering for your four-legged friends. Located in Chicago and San Diego, the Fido to go food truck serves hand-crafted cookies, ice creams and frozen yogurts that are gluten- and allergen-free and made just for pups. 

For those dog owners who like to throw their pooches birthday parties, you're in luck – Fido to go caters doggy parties and will even provide cakes. The company even sets up activities for your dogs, including bobbing for hot dogs, paw print art and a station for decorating your own "pupcakes." 

And Fido to go is all about giving back, too. Each month, the food truck designates a featured treat and donates 10 percent of the proceeds to a charity.

Additional reporting by Brittney Helmrich. 

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