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The Leadership Mindset: How to Get There

The Leadership Mindset: How to Get There
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A lot more goes into being a good leader than just motivating others, implementing successful strategies and solving problems.

If you want to be an effective leader, the first step is to have the proper mindset. Lisa Miles, a creative artist and professional development adviser based in Pittsburgh, said having the proper frame of mind allows business leaders to develop and showcase their own talents, while also encouraging others to find and do the same.

The biggest benefits to having the right mental approach is that it helps leaders to be more creative, operate in a more relaxed way and be open to trying novel approaches.

"All of these things are what will advance a person, a project, a department faster and more successfully than rigid protocol," Miles told Business News Daily.

The key to having the right mentality to be an effective leader is to not look at yourself as someone who is above others. Miles said that thinking too highly of yourself will neither boost your leadership abilities nor motivate those you are trying to lead. [Are Your Leadership Skills Outdated? 4 Modern Workplace Challenges ]

Miles said that those individuals who want to improve their leadership skills need to appreciate that their hard work, luck, temperament and experience are what have put them into a position to mentor, guide and motivate others. She believes good leaders have the ability to capitalize on knowing where their own strengths are, and can not only discern that in others, but can also cultivate, respect and honor the strengths that others possess.

Without the proper mindset, your chances of being an effective leader aren't very good. Miles said that professionals who don't have the right frame of mind won't be viewed as an effective leader by those they are trying to lead, because regardless of their strengths, talents and abilities, a bad mindset hampers any opportunity they have to truly inspire others.

"You will be seen as powerfully dictatorial perhaps, but not admired," Miles said.

To have the right mentality to lead others, you must understand what you are — and are not — capable of, Miles said.

"Tap into what you do best and throw out what you are not good at," Miles said. "From there, take off with full realistic knowledge, but an idealistic frame of mind of where your interests and abilities can take you."

Once you understand yourself, you can then try to understand those you are charged with leading, she said.

"Listen and observe their own voice on the matter," Miles said.

If you are truly a leader, you will be able to open paths for people that empower them and your company, she said.

"At the core is the person completing the task, with respect and appreciation for the job and hopefully admiration for your mentorship, wise counsel and leadership."

Originally published on Business News Daily.

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