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'For Help, Press 1': App Turns Cell Phones Into Call Centers

'For Help, Press 1': App Turns Cell Phones Into Call Centers
Credit: D. Hammonds/Shutterstock

Considering a business phone system for your company? Although landline, cloud-based and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems are all great options, if you already use a cell phone to run your small business, an additional phone line can seem like an unnecessary expense. Now, you can have the benefits of a full-featured business phone system right on your cell phone.

BatCrab lets any business configure its mobile phones to work with the service, turning the phones into complete business phone systems — without investing in costly hardware and network installations. The system includes all the services a small business needs to sound professional and provide excellent phone support to its customers.

Just like with other business phone systems, BatCrab users can set up their cell phones to act as complete call centers. The service features call handling and forwarding, offers unlimited extensions, and allows businesses to record their own voice greetings via a menu system. For instance, when a customer calls, you can set up your cell phone with a custom greeting, such as "Thanks for calling! To reach customer support, press 1. To reach sales, press 2," and so on. BatCrab can automatically answer calls and direct callers to the right department, so you don't have to. [For a guide to the best small business phone systems, visit our sister site Business.com.]

Other features include on-hold music, voicemail to email, fax to email and audio caller-ID. Businesses using BatCrab can also choose their own phone numbers from a wide range of local, national and global area codes in more than 60 countries based on their target markets.

In addition to turning a mobile phone into a complete business phone system, BatCrab also provides real-time data to help small businesses see how their mobile contact center sare performing and analyze call flow and frequencies.

"Analyzing call statistics provides business developers with a clear look at support operations" said Gediminas Jocys, chief technology officer of BatCrab, in a statement. "Managers can easily find out when more support staff should be answering the calls, [and] check the most busy or unoccupied time frames, most popular numbers and other important information."

BatCrab plans start at $14 per month and include 300 minutes per month. For more minutes, check out the Team option, which comes with 1,000 minutes each month for $25 per month, or the Business plan, with 5,000 minutes per month for $55 a month. A pay-as-you-go plan is also available for $9 a month and starts at $0.02 per minute. There is no hardware or software required, and all plans include free setup and unlimited departments and employees.

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