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Square Launches Online Scheduling Service for Small Businesses

Square Launches Online Scheduling Service for Small Businesses
Credit: Square

buyerzone widgetbuyerzone widgetNeed to attract more customers? If you own a service — or appointment-based business, an online booking service can help.

Credit card processing and point of sale (POS) solutions provider Square launched today (Aug. 11) Square Appointments, a Web-based scheduling service that lets customers book appointments online. Designed specifically for small businesses, Square Appointments can help businesses better manage their calendars and automatically drive foot traffic.

Online appointment-scheduling services can help merchants and service providers grow their businesses. By catering to tech-savvy customers who prefer the convenience and autonomy of booking appointments on their own, Square Appointments can boost the number of customers who walk through a business's doors. At the same time, the service also minimizes lost sales due to no-shows and the wasted time of booking appointments by phone or going back and forth via email. [6 iPhone Apps to Plan Your Workday]

In a pilot program, Square Appointments users saw an increase in revenue and efficiency. Of 200 businesses that ranged anywhere from math tutoring services to beauty salons, 144 generated more sales, 124 saved more than half an hour per day and 108 experienced at least a 10 percent growth in appointments per week, the company revealed.

Square aims to make online scheduling and appointment management quick and easy for customers and businesses. Its features include:

  • 24/7 access — customers can book appointments online anytime through the business's website or by email; Square also offers a free Web page if a business does not currently have a website
  • A streamlined system that automatically fills calendars when appointments are booked
  • Reduced no-shows with online confirmations and automatic text and email reminders
  • Online scheduling tools for staff members to manage their own calendars, set availabilities and vacations, and automatically integrate data with a master calendar
  • Desktop and mobile access from any device for on-the-go appointment management

Square Appointments costs $30 per month for individual sellers and $50 per month for businesses with up to five employees, or $90 per month for unlimited staff. A free 30-day trial is also available. The service can be purchased as part of the Square Register or as a stand-alone service for businesses not currently using the Square POS system.

Originally published on Business News Daily