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Top 7 Samsung Galaxy Apps for Business

Brett Nuckles
Brett Nuckles

Samsung makes some best business phones and tablets around. And now the company has launched a revamped app store for those devices that's filled with productivity-boosting applications. Galaxy Apps is a unique app store that has plenty of overlap with Google Play, but also boasts many options you won't find in the Google's app directory. If you own a Samsung phone like the Galaxy S5 or a tablet like the Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, read on for seven of the best business and productivity apps in the Galaxy Apps store.

Business Calendar (Free)

The appropriately named Business Calendar might be the best calendar app available for business users on Samsung smartphones. The app lets you quickly zero in on specific chunks of your schedule by dragging your finger over multiple days, shrinking the view to include only those days. From there you can add or subtract days to get the optimal view of your upcoming week. It's also easy to toggle between day, week, month and year views. And Business Calendar features tons of options for setting reminders so you won't be late for an important appointment, and allows you to set up recurring alerts for those weekly business meetings.

CamScanner (Free)

CamScanner replaces your office scanner with your smartphone camera, letting you easily create a PDF from a physical document by snapping a photo. The app can automatically straighten, sharpen and enhance your photos to create a PDF that's clear, readable and ready to be shared with co-workers and colleagues. And it features text recognition software, so you can search for a particular scanned document using keywords. It also has tools to let you edit documents and add notes, watermarks and annotations before you share them. And to ensure you don't lose an important PDF, CamScanner automatically backs all of your documents up to the cloud so they're accessible from anywhere.

Evernote (Free)

Evernote, one of the best note-taking apps around, is also available through the Galaxy Apps store. The app lets you quickly capture notes and photos to save them for later. When you want to take a note, you can type it out, or take handwritten notes with a stylus. You can also snap photos of documents, business cards and receipts so you won't lose them. The app uses text recognition software to index your notes and photos, so you can search through them later using keywords. You can also create to-do lists, set up reminders so you don't forget a particular task, and check items off with one tap. And since Evernote is available for just about every mobile and desktop platform, your notes are automatically synced across all your devices.

Splashtop 2 Remote Desktop (Free)

Splashtop 2 is the best remote desktop app in the Galaxy Apps store. In a nutshell, it lets you access your office PC right from your Samsung mobile device. It acts as a direct portal back to your work desktop, including all files and programs, as long as the PC you want to connect to is turned on and running the Splashtop client program. Once you connect, you can view and manipulate files, manage your email inbox and even run desktop programs such as Microsoft Office or Photoshop right on your smartphone or tablet. It's a handy tool if you forget a file on your computer, or need to quickly access a program you don't have on your mobile device.

OfficeSuite 7 (Free)

OfficeSuite 7 is a full-featured productivity suite for Samsung smartphones and tablets. It combines a word processor, spreadsheet editor and presentation maker in one application. And it has a ton of formatting options to let you tweak fonts, colors and text alignment, as well a built-in spell checker and predictive keyboard that helps you type on a small touch-screen keyboard. OfficeSuite 7 also integrates with cloud storage platforms, including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and SugarSync, so your documents are backed up and accessible from anywhere. Completed documents can be shared via email, Bluetooth or with a link to its location in the cloud.

Evernote Hello (Free) that helps you meet new contacts and remember them. Instead of exchanging business cards with a new contact, just add them to your Evernote Hello directory. You can snap a photo of them on the spot, or import a photo from one of their social media profiles. From there, you can let the app pull in their contact information from your address book, or enter it manually. The app integrates with LinkedIn to help you quickly populate each entry with personal and professional details. It also lets you quickly add notes to a contact entry, so you can easily recall your previous encounters with each individual.

File Explorer Pro (Free)

Your Samsung smartphone or tablet may be a good tool to help you stay productive away from the office, but compared to a laptop its file management capabilities are pretty limited. That's why a good file manager like File Explorer Pro is so useful. The app lets you locate app by searching for file names, or browsing through categories such as documents, photos and folders. When you find the file you want, you have the option to open, rename, copy, cut, paste or delete it. You can also move it around to a new folder. File Explorer Pro stands out among other file manager apps because its minimalist interface is simple and easy to use.

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Brett Nuckles
Brett Nuckles
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