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6 Big Reasons Female Tech Leaders Love Their Industry

6 Big Reasons Female Tech Leaders Love Their Industry
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Technology is constantly evolving. Each new innovation has the potential to improve and change lives, making tech one of the most exciting industries to work in. But it's no secret that there's a huge gender imbalance in the field: Most of today's biggest tech startups were founded and are currently run by men, and statistics from the U.S. Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that less than one-third of all tech workers are female.

Slowly but surely, however, smart and ambitious women are changing the status quo and inspiring other women to join them in the fast-growing world of technology. Female tech founders and business leaders shared why they love being a part of their industry.

"It's fascinating and ever-evolving. The standard today will be different next month. The way people book their travel is drastically different than it was even a few years ago.  We depend on technology for research, pricing, promotions, recommendations and more. Keeping and setting pace with technology today is much more challenging and much more fun." – Cheryl Rosner, co-founder and CEO of Stayful.com, a real-time bidding site for hotel booking [Advice for Women in Tech: 'Go to a Meetup']

"I love working in technology because there are always new problems to solve in this evolving industry. There is an energy in the dynamic nature of technology, and those who work in it, that keeps it fresh and interesting." – Maya Mikhailov, co-founder and CMO of mobile engagement platform GPShopper

"I absolutely love working in technology, especially newer forms like ad tech, because of the fast-paced environment. Advertising has evolved so much to fuse creativity and technology together, and it is amazing to contribute to and develop a robust product based on client feedback and industry insight. It is exciting to always be on the cutting edge!"Irina Katsnelson, director of sales, East Coast USA at advertising and technology firm Juice Mobile

"It involves a combination of left and right brain. You need to be creative to develop new experiences and uncover great data nuggets, but things need to be developed with great clarity and precision to make them work. Also, no day is ever the same, and that changing nature forces me to get better every day." – Perse Faily, president and CEO of Tillster Inc, a digital engagement platform for the restaurant industry

"It's a great time to be in tech because it's easier than ever to build solutions. People at brands of all sizes now know and want to harness the power of digital as well as connected devices, so it's easier than ever to get attention for what you're building."– Doreen Bloch, founder of consumer data technology company Poshly

"I love working in technology because ... the barrier to entry is much lower, which encourages creativity and innovation. The collaborative atmosphere that generally surrounds tech is [also] something I have always enjoyed." – Jayna Cooke, CEO of event planning firm EVENTup

"I love working with the creative visionaries in tech — those folks who are internally driven to develop solutions. It's inspiring for me to engage with people who are passionate about the impact their technology is going to have on the world, and see someone pull a groundbreaking technology from their imagination, design and prototype it, and create a company. – Lauren Bigelow, executive director of Accelerate Michigan and CEO of Growth Capital Network

"What I love is the constant meaningful tension among business goals, blue-sky ideas and budgetary restrictions. Our creative solutions are not the result of huge budgets, but rather ingenuity, listening and long-term strategic planning. Limitations force us to utilize every ounce of the resources we have to move forward." – Kaethe Fine, creative director of Mediander, a knowledge engine and e-commerce site owned and operated by Fine Creative Media

"Some of the most amazing technologists ... fuse art and science in a way that I find completely exhilarating. I get to work with people who solve really hard engineering problems that allow storytellers to unlock their creativity in entirely new ways — and then we get to apply our technology again to understand why some videos are more effective than others. Science to art and back again." – Erika Trautman, CEO and co-founder of Rapt Media, an interactive video creator

"What I enjoy most about being in technology is the ability to take an idea and make it a reality, or in my case, augmented reality. If you identify a need in the marketplace — something that you would use — then with the right team, right mindset and lots of hard work, you can create something beyond what you even thought was possible." – Linda Smith, founder of FaceCake Marketing Technologies, a provider of augmented retail marketing solutions

"There are so many things that I love about working in tech, [including its] flexibility that allows you to express yourself. In running a fitness tech company I have the flexibility to make the gym my first meeting every morning, since I have to look the part of both a fitness professional and a tech professional. Talk about flexible — we get to work from anywhere as long as we have our computers with us!" – Kim Klafczynski, creator of the RenewU fitness app

"I've always had a passion for product development, which fits fantastically with the tech industry. When making products with a great looking design that incorporate health benefits for the user, you have a chance to really help hard-working people and resonate with the global community. The tech industry allows for great opportunities to touch the whole world with your products."– Stina Wahlqvist, CEO of PC mouse company Penclic

"What's most fascinating about the technology field to me is the possibility of being able to apply technology to everyday things to build a better world. My mission with TellSpec is to build a healthier world by empowering people to make informed choices about what they eat." – Isabel Hoffman, CEO of consumer food scanner TellSpec

"I love being involved in an industry that's never static. The pace of change and innovation that is currently happening within technology is very exciting. And a big change is with gender — female consumers are finally becoming a bigger focus within the tech community."– Anna Perelman, co-founder and CEO of women's consumer tech company Stellé Audio

"I love working in the tech space because it allows everyone to become a part of the future. Technology is one of the few industries where the imagination can become a reality. Working in technology has been a great experience, allowing me to forge relationships and be a part of projects that will be around for generations." – Dez White, founder and CEO of Invisible Text, a provider of secure communications solutions

"I love working in technology because it has such an instrumental impact on how we live and work as a society. Technology is constantly changing and improving our lives for the better. Our mission at Roominate is to inspire the future generation of innovators and leaders in technology, who will ultimately continue to bring change to the world."– Bettina Chen, co-founder of Roominate, a building toy for girls

"What I love most about working in technology is the unlimited number of ways to use creativity to positively impact the future. What drives me every day is creating products that empower users to have happier and healthier lives. When I was working as a fine art sculptor, there was nothing more gratifying than seeing ideas take shape in reality. I get the same feeling each time we create a new product."– Urska Srsen, co-founder and head of product at Bellabeat, a producer of wearable health trackers for women

"Tech offers anyone the chance to invent the future. Anyone who can identify an authentic need, design a great experience, and execute on a great product can reach a global audience and shape the world." – Sarah Nahm, CEO of Web-based hiring app Lever

Updated June 9, 2015.

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