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18 Office Cubicle Solutions for Small Businesses

A Business News Daily Buyer's Guide

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Despite the rise in open-concept office designs, cubicles remain popular in businesses all around the world.

Unlike open-concept designs that often have employees sharing large workspaces, cubicles provide employees with a space of their own. While they don't have nearly the same level of prestige that the corner office offers, cubicles can at least give employees some of the privacy they crave.

Invented by the furniture company Herman Miller more than 40 years ago, cubicles are those tiny workspaces that are partitioned off by a series of panels. They are designed to save space while also giving employees a bit of privacy.

When choosing cubicles today, businesses have quite a variety to pick from. They can vary in size, shape and color. There are also options for low walls to create an open work environment, or high walls to give employees more privacy.

Editor's note: Looking for the right office cubicles for your business? Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you about your needs.

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For businesses wanting cubicles in their workspace, one big question they have to answer is whether to buy them new or used. There are multiple pros and cons to choosing used office furniture.

One of the biggest benefits of buying used office furniture, like cubicles, is the cost. There can be some considerable cost savings when opting for used furniture. Used cubicles can be had for a fraction of the cost of new ones. Depending on the cubicles, that could mean less than half of what new systems are sold for. For businesses on a tight budget, opting for used furniture can make a lot of sense. Since there is that cost savings, businesses also might be able to afford nicer brands by choosing used options.

Another benefit of buying used cubicles is the ability to get the furniture right away. Often, new furniture has longer lead times and requires businesses to wait several weeks, sometimes months, before it can be installed.

Buying used cubicles can also be considered environmentally conscious. Extending the life of furniture, instead of sending it to the landfill, can send a positive message that your business cares about the environment.

There are also downsides to buying used cubicles. The biggest is the quality. Used cubicles often have a lot of wear and tear. If you are considering used furniture, you want to make sure that it isn't too worn.

Another downside of used cubicles is that it can be hard to find the exact quantity that you need. Depending on how many you need, you may be forced to mix and match.

A third negative of used office furniture is that it usually comes with no warranty, and it likely won't last as long as new furniture.

If you're searching for cubicles, new or used, for your office, here are 18 providers to consider.

Arnold's Office Furniture – Arnold's Office Furniture is the sole distributor of the Sunline Sliding Cubicle series. These cubicles can be assembled with no tools by sliding different styles of panels in and out of the anodized aluminum connector posts. The cubicles are available in many size, height, color and finish combinations. The company also offers cubicle accessories, chairs, desks, standing desks, conference tables and reception area furniture. www.arnoldsofficefurniture.com

Clone Cubicles – Clone Cubicles sells cubicles to businesses of all sizes. The company has a range of options that vary in fabric, colors, size and style. In addition to the different cubicle options, Clone Cubicles can design products to meet a business's exact specifications. The cubicles can be professionally installed and come with a limited lifetime warranty. www.clonecubicles.com

Cubicles.com – Cubicles.com sells dozens of new and used cubicles, each varying in size and style. Businesses can choose between modular and Herman Miller-style office cubicles. In addition, Cubicles.com has an "cubicles-in-an-hour" option, which can be assembled in less than 60 minutes. With many options, businesses can choose the color scheme they like best. In addition, the company has space plan consultants who will work with businesses to determine the furniture that will best fit their needs. Cubicles.com also offers filing cabinets, chairs, desks, and conference room and reception area furniture. www.cubicles.com

CubicleDepot – CubicleDepot specializes in used office cubicles. The company offers dozens of options, each varying in size and style. It also has several new cubicles available. The company provides complete cubicle installation, including delivery, setup, and removal of existing office furniture and cubicles. In addition to cubicles, CubicleDepot sells office chairs and desks. www.cubicledepot.com

Cubicle Concepts – Cubicle Concepts offers a large selection of new and used cubicles. Both desking/benching and panel-based systems are available. The company has experience providing cubicles and other office furniture to businesses in a wide range of industries, including commercial new construction and renovation, industrial, financial, tech, food service, automotive, hospitality, government and healthcare facilities. Customers work with Cubicle Concepts' designers to create a workspace that meets their specific goals and needs. www.cubicleconcepts.com

Cubicle by Design – Cubicle by Design offers a large selection of cubicles that vary in design, style, color, size and configuration, including private and collaborative workstations. The Cubicle by Design website features a design tool that allows you to select from different colors and then choose your configuration, height, and other options. Based on the selections, it will send you 2D and 3D drawings as well as a quote for the project within 24 hours. The company also offers desks, conference tables, office chairs and office storage soutions. https://cubiclebydesign.com

Cubicle Network – Cubicle Network is a full-service company, selling cubicles and parts and performing all services, such as tear-down, installation and reconfiguration. Based in Texas, the company offers its cubicles nationwide. Cubicle Network offers new, used and remanufactured cubicles. www.cubiclenet.com

Cube Solutions – Cube Solutions offers more than 50 different office cubicles for businesses of all sizes. Each option varies in size, shape and wall heights. In addition to the standard office cubicle, Cube Solutions has call center cubicles and special-purpose workstations. With each option, businesses have their choice of fabrics and finishes. Cube Solutions provides businesses with space design consultants who work with each business to determine the most efficient cubicle layout. Besides cubicles, Cube Solutions sells a full line of office furniture. www.cubesolutions.com

Fastcubes – Fastcubes offers a variety of cubicle configurations, as well as cubes specifically designed for call centers and managers. When using Fastcubes, businesses also have options when it comes to colors and fabrics. Fastcubes offers the ability to add file cabinets, binder bins, task lights, full-height ends, glass or fabric stackers, tack boards, finished ends, and power poles. www.fastcubes.com

Interior Concepts – Interior Concepts' cubicles can be custom designed and manufactured to any length, depth or height. In addition, different connectors allow for an almost infinite variety of configurations. When choosing cubicles, you work with the design team to define your needs. They will then propose some options. Over a web conference, you will see how the furniture and layout will look in your space. You can then make changes and select colors to see a visual of the final design of your furniture solution. In addition to cubicles, Interior Concepts sells call center stations, office desks, office chairs, storage solutions and school furniture. www.interiorconcepts.com

Maxon – Maxon sells new cubicles in two varieties: a prefix panel system and an emerge frame and tile system. Each option varies in size and shape. For each cubicle, businesses can choose from an assortment of fabric colors. Maxon also offers comprehensive space planning and design services. www.maxonfurniture.com

Modern Office – Modern Office sells cubicles, freestanding office panels, office partitions and mobile partitions. With its custom cubicles, businesses can choose from several styles and various laminates, cube sizes, layouts and matching accessories. With several panel heights and widths available, you can custom make your cubicles to be as open or private as you wish. Besides cubicles, Modern Office sells desks, chairs, conference tables, reception seating, computer desks, chair mats, bookcases, letter and bulletin boards, and file cabinets. www.modernofficefurniture.com

National Business Furniture – National Business Furniture offers a variety of office cubicle solutions. The company's cubicles and panel systems allow businesses to create workstations as large or as small as needed for their space. NBF has a wide selection of cubicles that vary in size, color and price. The company also offers office desk, chairs, tables, filing solutions and storage solutions. www.nationalbusinessfurniture.com

Office Depot – Office Depot offers businesses a variety of cubicles that come in various styles and sizes. The freestanding modular designs can be assembled in an hour and come with Hansen Cherry desk surfaces. Office Depot also offers cubicle options from Bush Business. Besides cubicles, Office Depot sells a variety of cubicle partitions, cubicle connectors and cubicle shelves. www.officedepot.com

Skutchi Design – Skutchi Designs is a national contract office furniture company that carries its own line of office cubicles, a proprietary interior glass office wall solution that is demountable and easy to install, office desks, reception desks, conference room furniture, and a benching and desking system. The company's cubicles are available as part of the Emerald or Sapphire systems. Both systems allow for height, size and color, and fabric customizations. www.skutchi.com

Staples – Staples sells an array of OFM RiZe cubicles. Each option varies in size and shape. Businesses can choose either gray vinyl panels with cherry work surfaces or beige vinyl panels with maple work surfaces. The cubicles are designed for quick and easy installation, and no tools are required. Staples also sells a wide selection of Bush Business cubicles. In addition to the actual cubicles, Staples offers cubicle wall panels, display panels, desktop privacy panels, cubicle connectors, cubicle shelves and hanging panel accessories. www.staples.com

UsedCubicles.com – UsedCubicles.com has more than 3,000 used and new cubicles in all shapes and sizes that can accommodate any office. UsedCubicles.com carries every major brand, including Herman Miller, Haworth, Steelcase, Knoll, Allsteel and Hon. On its website, UsedCubicles.com has pictures, dimensions and inventory quantity of each cubicle it currently has available. In addition to the used cubicles, there are new cubicles to choose from. To help businesses determine which cubicles will best fit their office, the company provides free space planning consultations. The company also sells call center cubicles, used office desks and office chairs. www.usedcubicles.com

Worthington Direct – Worthington Direct offers more than 10,000 furniture products for schools, churches, daycare facilities and offices. The company offers a wide selection of office cubicle systems from manufacturers like OFM and NDI. The RiZe panel systems from OFM are easy to assemble. All of the available cubicles vary in size and design, with many giving you choices of colors and other materials. www.worthingtondirect.com

Editor's note: Looking for the right office cubicles for your business? Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you about your needs.

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