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Stay Positive! How to Deal with Negative Feedback on Your Business Idea

Stay Positive! How to Deal with Negative Feedback on Your Business Idea
When someone tells you your business idea isn't feasible, you shouldn't necessarily give up. / Credit: Image via Shutterstock

For many entrepreneurs, their business idea is like a child. They've devoted a great deal of time and energy to nurturing and developing it, in the hopes that it will go out into the world and become successful. So when someone trashes an aspiring startup founder's idea, it can be a pretty devastating blow.

But when someone tells you your business won't work, it shouldn't mean that you automatically give up on your idea, said Andrew Maiorano, co-founder of multimedia live-action game app developer Your Perfect Adventure.   

"A critic may believe your idea isn't possible because it hasn't been done before," he told Business News Daily. "This is a sure sign you are on the right track with your startup business. All great innovators and entrepreneurs have encountered strong skepticism when beginning to pursue their dreams. You must have the courage to believe you can pave the way for a brand-new idea."

Maiorano offered aspiring entrepreneurs five tips to stay positive when faced with negative feedback on their business idea. [5 Signs You've Got a Great Business Idea]

  • Declare an unwavering belief in your business. It is essential for you to have deep faith in your idea when facing negativity from those who have concerns about your startup. This will keep you from becoming discouraged when others tell you that your product "just can't be made." Don't let anyone talk you out of pursuing your idea.
  • Keep your eyes on the horizon and away from distractions. Everyone will have input on how you should build your business. Some will even tell you not to bother. When you are given advice, stop and think whether the advice adds value to your concept. If you try to incorporate an idea that isn't in line with your goals, you'll only water down your product.  
  • Don't back down when you run up against barriers. Finding ways around those barriers to success is actually one of the most rewarding and fulfilling parts of entrepreneurship. When you finally dig around the obstacle, you feel like you can accomplish anything. And the truth is, you can.
  • Surround yourself with people who vibrate on the same frequency. In a cutthroat, competitive world full of negativity, it's important to build a team that shares a collective vision. As an individual, you can feel stuck, but with a motivated team, the common goal creates a bond and a momentum that will grow exponentially. No one person can attain a substantial goal without the help of others.
  • Create something that you want to see made. The driving force in creating a business is always to see it succeed, but if you truly believe in the product or the idea, then you are more likely to see that idea through to completion. At the end of the day, no one can predict the outcome of a startup, but if you and your team have created something that everyone has wanted to see come to life, it is a true success regardless of financial returns.

"As entrepreneurs, we become intimate with our idea or product and understand that there may be many long hours of work to make it a reality," Maiorano said. "If you truly love what you are doing, the long hours become a joy and a dream come true."

Originally published on Business News Daily.

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