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Google Apps Sharpens Monitoring Tools for Businesses

Google Apps Sharpens Monitoring Tools for Businesses
Google introduced a new Reports section to Google Apps that makes it easier for businesses to manage Google Apps and gain more insights into their organization. / Credit: Google Apps image via Shutterstock

A new Google Apps tool is giving businesses more insight into what their employees are working on.

This week, Google introduced a Reports section to the Google Apps Admin console to make it easier for businesses to manage Google Apps and gain more insight into their organization.

Within the Reports section, businesses can view a Highlights page, which gives a quick overview of all the activity across a company's domain.

"You can see how many Hangouts, Docs, Sheets and Slides your organization created, who is close to reaching their Drive and Gmail storage quota and how many files have been shared outside the company," Rishi Dhand, a Google Apps product manager, wrote on the company's blog."You can also export any report to Google Sheets to slice and dice your data for further analysis."

The new Reports section also has an Apps Usage Activity page, which shows data on how individual employees are working with Gmail, Drive, storage and other apps, and a filters tool that can find who owns a specific file, identify employees with a high number of uploads and shares, as well as collect granular data such as all the employees who have between 1,000 and 2,000 documents.

There is also a Security page that provides security-related information, like two-step verification enrollment, how many files are shared externally and the number of external apps that are installed. In addition, the Login Audit page allows businesses using Google Apps to monitor any security concerns by reviewing specific IP addresses and the dates of any failed or suspicious logins.

"Admins can use this report to track suspicious activity and take corrective action like resetting passwords," Dhand wrote.

To use the new Reports page, Google Apps users can go to their Admin console and click on the Reports icon or the View Reports link on the right side panel.

Originally published on Business News Daily

Chad Brooks

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