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Grow Your Business Security

Symantec's New Small Business Security Tool Covers Mobile and Mac

Symantec's New Small Business Security Tool Covers Mobile and Mac
Vendors are offering great deals on Symantec Backup Exec.cloud replacement services / Credit: Cloud image via Shutterstock

Don't have an IT department? Don't worry. A new product from software provider Symantec targets small businesses that could use some extra help spotting viruses, spyware and other security woes. 

Symantec, best known for its suite of Norton AntiVirus products, recently announced the launch of a new product — Norton Small Business — which is aimed at businesses with 20 employees or less. While many of the company's other security offerings can be used in a small business setting, this is the first time Symantec has specifically focused on a small business demographic. 

The new security software has several key features that help it stand out from other Norton products, like Norton 360 or Norton Internet Security. For one thing, in keeping with the recent trend of making small business more mobile — i.e. smartphone credit card processing and tablet-based point-of-sale systems — the company has made its new software compatible with a range of mobile devices

However, as Computer World reports, while Android smartphones and tablets are both protected by Symantec's new software, iPhones and iPads aren't covered due to Apple's strict control over what applications users can install. But the company does offer some protection for Apple products. Mac desktop computers running OS X version 10.7 and later are covered by the software.

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Besides being useful for Mac owners, Norton Small Business may also be a welcome addition for business owners who have jumped on the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) bandwagon. As SmallBizTrends reports, the new software lets you control what devices are covered through a single control portal. Adding employee work or personal devices is easy, requiring the tap of a single button. And if an employee leaves your business, you can remove network coverage from his or her device just as easily. 

In addition to making its new product versatile and easy to use, Symantec also aimed to make it affordable. The company offers a scalable pricing system, allowing businesses to cover up to five devices for $99 a year. Covering 10 devices will cost you a bit more at $199. Twenty devices can be covered for $399. Devices can be added on an individual basis to an existing account for an additional $20 per device.

And as a bonus, Symantec is offering "Virus Removal Assurance" for Norton Small Business users. This guarantee includes free phone support and the promise that, if Symantec's support technicians can't help you remove viruses and other threats from your computer or device, they'll reimburse you the price of the new software product.

Originally published on Business News Daily

Elizabeth Peterson

Elizabeth writes about innovative technologies and business trends. She has traveled throughout the Americas in her roles as student, English teacher, Spanish language interpreter and freelance writer. She graduated with a B.A. in International Affairs from the George Washington University. You can follow her on Twitter @techEpalermo or .