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LG G3: Is it Good for Business?

Brett Nuckles
Brett Nuckles

LG's new flagship phone is a powerful business device with an eye-popping display. The 5.5-inch LG G3 boasts powerful hardware and the sharpest screen ever included on a smartphone. It's a big phone with productivity-boosting features, such as the ability to view two apps on-screen at once — a function that's sure to work well on the phone's large display. Plus, it packs enough processing power to go head-to-head with flagship phones like the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5s. 

So, what makes this smartphone stand out from the pack? Get a hands-on look at the G3 on our sister site Laptop Mag, or read on for five features that make it good for business.

Large display

Display size can make or break a business phone. For many users who depend on their smartphone to help them stay productive when they're away from the office, a small screen just won't cut it. The G3's 5.5-inch, 2,560 x 1,440-pixel screen isn't just large; it's also the sharpest display you'll find on any phone. LG is calling it a "Quad HD" display, meaning it packs four times as many pixels as a 720p screen. The higher resolution means sharper images and the ability to display more information on-screen at once. That's a plus for business users who want to use their phone for real productivity tasks like editing a spreadsheet on the go.

Of course, with such a big display, you'll sacrifice portability. The G3 is an extremely large phone, and using the device might be less comfortable for users with small hands. Still, thanks to its narrow bezels, the phone is still a manageable size. In fact, it's about as wide as — and just a bit taller than — the Samsung Galaxy S5, which has a smaller 5.1-inch screen. However, the G3 is a bit thicker than the Galaxy S5.

Software features

Among the new software features you'll find on the G3 is Smart Notice, a personal digital assistant that works a lot like the Google Now service, but with more proactive notifications. Smart Notice monitors your usage patterns and location to offer useful information before you ask for it. For example, if you declined a call because you were busy earlier in the day, the service might remind you and ask if you'd like to call that person back. Smart Notice also incorporates natural suggestions; for example, it might recommend that you take an umbrella on your way out the door if the forecast calls for rain. 

In addition, LG's QSlide multitasking feature lets you open multiple apps on the home screen in separate windows. That's a plus for business users who need to juggle tasks such as responding to email while conducting research in a Web browser. With QSlide, users can resize the app windows, drag them around on the screen and tweak their transparency. You can even minimize a QSlide app by dragging the window to the side of the screen. 

Finally, the G3 software features an updated keyboard with a few handy new features, including the ability to resize the height of the keyboard, which is good if you want the keyboard to take up less space, or make the keys bigger and easier to tap. Another new feature is the ability to pin custom keys to your keyboard, to make frequently used symbols easier to access. 


Security is a top concern for anyone who uses their smartphone for work. The LG G3 lacks the fingerprint scanner found on phones like the Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5s, but it does pack a unique security feature called Knock Code, which lets you unlock your phone by registering a unique sequence of taps on the screen. Once you create your knock code, you can tap it out at any time to unlock your device in a hurry, whether the display is turned on or off. Your pattern can be made up from any sequence of taps in the four quadrants of your phone's screen. Compared to conventional password and swipe pattern methods, it's a more convenient way to keep your device secure, especially for business users who store sensitive or confidential information on their phones. 

In addition, Content Lock is a feature that lets you hide individual files from view, to keep confidential data private when you're sharing your smartphone. The functionality even prevents file previews when your phone is connected to a PC. Locked files can reside on either the G3's internal memory or the microSD card, and can be unlocked at any time with a password.

Kill Switch is another new security feature added for the G3. The feature lets you disable your phone remotely in the event of theft, and also allows you to remotely wipe specific content on your device to prevent personal or business data from being compromised.

Removable battery

The standout feature of last year's LG G2 was its incredible battery life, and it remains one of the longest-lasting smartphones on the market, running for more than 9 hours in tests that include continuous Web surfing. That kind of battery life is hard to find, especially in a powerful flagship phone.

LG says the bigger, more powerful G3 will last just as long, thanks to power-efficient software, but that won't be verified until the phone is released and tested. But business users can definitely look forward to one big perk: The G3's battery is removable and replaceable. That means you can trade out the battery for a fresh one when it starts to fail, or swap it with a backup battery during long business trips. Removable batteries are increasingly uncommon, and you won't find the feature on flagship phones such as HTC One M8 or Apple iPhone 5s.

Quick Circle Case

A case with a screen cover is one of the best ways to protect your business phone, but opening up the cover every time you want to use your device is a hassle. LG's new Quick Circle Case for the G3 is a nice solution. The case features a circular cutout that lets you access the touch screen and view notifications even when the case is shut. When you close the case, a special Quick Circle view is automatically activated. This view lets you see notifications and access frequently used functions such as calling, text messaging and the camera without opening the cover. And because it actually replaces the phone's back instead of simply covering it, it doesn't add much bulk to the device.

Originally published on Business News Daily.

Image Credit: The LG G3 boasts the highest resolution screen you'll see on a smartphone. / Credit: LG
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