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5 Best Business Meeting Apps for Android

Brett Nuckles
Brett Nuckles

Planning and pulling off a productive business meeting can be a real challenge. But your Android device, coupled with the right apps, can really smooth the process. You can send out meeting invitations, create and share an agenda, and even run a meeting virtually through your Android device using a video-conferencing app. Read on for five ways to plan and execute a great business meeting with the help of your smartphoneor tablet.

Let them know you're running late: Smart Calendar: Any.Do Cal (Free)

Whether it's because of a flat tire or unexpected traffic, sometimes you can't help but run late for a meeting. Any.Do Cal is a smart calendar app with a quick fix for that situation. While it can't get you to your meeting faster, it can help you fire off a message to all attendees to let them know you're running late. To take advantage of the feature, just add contacts from your phone's address book when scheduling a meeting or appointment in Any.Do Cal. Then, when the time comes, it's easy to send out a distress call to the right people with just a few taps.

Share your agenda: Agenda Maker ($1.99)

Before your meeting starts, put everyone on the same page with the Agenda Maker app. Using this tool, you can create a detailed outline for your meeting and rearrange items simply by dragging and dropping. You can also change the amount of time allocated for each item, to ensure your meeting stays on track. Once you complete your agenda, send it out to all meeting attendees via email. You can also send the agenda to anyone else who has the Agenda Maker app, so that they can collaborate on editing.

Schedule your meeting: Doodle ($2.99)

Confirming individual availability for a business meeting can be a real chore. Instead of playing phone tag or exchanging dozens of emails, use an Android app such as Doodle. The app lets the meeting organizer send out an email with several options, and then each individual can cast one or more votes for the time or date that works best for him or her. Then, the organizer can use that data to finalize a meeting time and send out one last confirmation email. The app syncs with both Web-based and desktop calendar applications, including Google Calendar and Outlook. As an added bonus, Doodle lets you create a persistent availability profile so others can request to meet with you at a time that's convenient for them.

Give your presentation: Deck (Free)

Deck is a solid presentation maker for business users who want to create and share presentations on the go. It features a full set of tools to help you create slideshows with graphs, tables and animated charts as well as transitions that you can activate with a tap. And the interface has large, easy-to-touch buttons, optimized to make the most of your Android tablet's small screen. The app doesn't offer much in the way of formatting options, but it does feature a variety of attractive templates; just type in your key points and insert photos to create your slideshow. That way, you can focus on the content of your presentation instead of the design. Once you finish creating the presentation, you can share it on your tablet or smartphone, or connect your Android device to a larger display to present to a larger group.

Meet online: GoToMeeting (Free)

Meeting face-to-face is an essential part of doing business. But if you can't be in the same place at the same time, a video-conferencing app such as GoToMeeting provides a good alternative. The app uses the camera on your Android device to let you virtually drop into a real-life meeting from anywhere, allowing your employees, colleagues or clients to see and communicate with you over the Web in real time. It's a useful workaround for those times when an in-person meeting just isn't feasible, and it provides the immediate visual feedback that a telephone conference call can't match. Up to 26 individual users can join each video-chat session, for meetings that are 100-percent virtual. The app also makes it easy for virtual attendees to share onscreen presentations, documents and reports.

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Brett Nuckles
Brett Nuckles
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