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'You Move Me' Brings High Tech Touch to Low-Tech Industry

'You Move Me' Brings High Tech Touch to Low-Tech Industry
Brian Scudamore (center) founded moving-company franchise You Move Me in 2013. / Credit: YouMoveMe.com

Entrepreneur: Brian Scudamore
Business name: You Move Me
Website address: http://www.youmoveme.com

Serial entrepreneur Brian Scudamore is no stranger to the business of transporting people's belongings. Riding on the coattails of his $130 million junk-removal service, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, Scudamore founded local moving company You Move Me in 2013. In just one year, he's grown his business to 30 franchises across the United States and Canada.

In his quest to "make the experience of moving almost fun," Scudamore has focused heavily on one core tenet: great customer service. Scudamore discussed the tech tools that have helped him improve his business techniques — and the reputation of the moving industry as a whole.

Business News Daily: What problem were you hoping to solve with your business?

Brian Scudamore: The moving industry is highly fragmented. It lacks professionalism and the presence of a national brand. That's where we come in. By following in the footsteps of my first brand, 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, we're bringing a professional and standardized service to the local moving industry.

BND: Could your business have existed 20 years ago?

B.S.: Absolutely! The moving industry, at its core, would be considered low-tech. Certainly there are tools and technologies that have made moving easier, but our principle of providing an exceptional customer experience is timeless.

BND: What technology has most helped your business?

B.S.: With 1-800-GOT-JUNK?, we developed an incredibly successful software platform that our franchises use to run their businesses. We replicated that software for You Move Me but have improved upon it significantly. It's called MoveNet, and our franchise partners use it to manage everything that's going on with their business. From managing the jobs on their schedule to tracking marketing activities — and even payroll and revenue reports — MoveNet is an essential tool contributing to the success of You Move Me. And because it's Web-based, our franchise partners can access it anywhere in the world with any device. [Franchising: Definition & Top Opportunities]

BND: What technology can't you live without?

B.S.: My iPhone. I use it for everything — email, calendar, LinkedIn and the occasional phone call. I love using Siri for creating reminders for myself and even for making dinner reservations with my family.

BND: If you could hire one extra person right now, what would you have them do?

B.S.: I would hire a disruptor — someone who could come up with ways to further disrupt the industries we're in. Look at a company like Blockbuster: They got too comfortable, and Netflix came in and completely took over their industry. I would love to hire someone who would constantly look at ways that we can further innovate in moving, junk removal and in the painting industry with our brand WOW 1 DAY PAINTING.

BND: What app are you relying on most right now?

B.S.: For business, I use GoTasks, which organizes all my tasks and to-do's, and keeps track of everything I have while I'm on the go. I also use Flipboard, which keeps me on top of current trends in business, inspiration for new ideas and best practices to help me better lead our brands. Personally, I use MapMyRide, which keeps track of all the cycling I do, and Epicurious for cooking inspiration and recipe ideas. 

BND: What technology do you think is the most overrated?

B.S.: Email. The way email is used drives me crazy. It should be used primarily for confirmation as opposed to communication. People let email dictate their day and priorities, as opposed to being actually productive and strategic with their tasks. I'd much rather grab someone for a quick conversation and use email as confirmation of details or as a brief follow-up.

BND: What's the most valuable nontech skill an entrepreneur needs?

B.S.: Being able to envision the future. Develop a vision of where you want to go with your business — don't worry about how you'll get there. A secondary skill is being able to rally people around that vision to make it a reality.

Originally published on Business News Daily.

Nicole Fallon

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