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5 Changes That Will Take Your Career to the Next Level

5 Changes That Will Take Your Career to the Next Level
The secret to advancing your career is deciding to take control of it. / Credit: Career climbing image via Shutterstock

Achieving your career goals isn't always easy. It requires a willingness to work hard, step outside of your comfort zone and sometimes face some pretty challenging obstacles. But for every employee who feels stuck in his or her job, another one has made it to where he or she wants to be.  

So what's the secret to getting ahead? The first step is deciding to take control of your career. Five teachers from Lynda.com, an online education platform featuring more than 2,000 instructional video courses, shared their career development tips:

  • Disrupt yourself to get to the next level. Apply the power of disruptive innovation to your own career. Take the right risks and play to your distinctive strengths, while simultaneously embracing constraints. You will battle entitlement, need to step back to grow and might even fail, but eventually, your strategy will emerge. – Whitney Johnson [How to Land Your Dream Job]
  • Tend your personal brand. Whether you know it or not, you are building your personal brand every day, through your actions, ideas and even emails. Be intentional about the brand called you. – Lorrie Thomas Ross
  • Proactively manage your career. Create a gap analysis to map a path to your dream job. To do this, research the requirements for your ideal position, identify which of those requirements are missing from your skill set and come up with a plan for filling those gaps. – Valerie Sutton
  • Claim your worth. Part of shattering the ceiling is knowing your worth and claiming it. Every savvy leader is also a strong negotiator. Learning how to successfully negotiate your salary and career opportunities is critical to career success. – Lisa Gates
  • Lead with vision and values. Study after study confirms that people want vision and values from their leaders. By clearly articulating your set of values and vision for the future, you will build a culture of trust and transparency. – Britt Andreatta

To take the courses that correspond to these tips, visit lynda.com's video playlist on Slideshare.  

Originally published on Business News Daily

Nicole Fallon

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