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The 50 Fastest Growing Online Jobs

The 50 Fastest Growing Online Jobs
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While programming and computer experts are still in high demand by online employers, so too are workers who can fill a number of other less technical jobs, new research finds.

Delivery, writing and translation positions were all among the fastest-growing online jobs in 2015, according to a study by the freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace

Having grown by more 1,800 percent over the past year, delivery positions top this year's rankings. The demand is being driven by an increase in a number of on-demand delivery services, especially those that facilitate the delivery of food and groceries.

With more of these services, like those from Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts expected to launch in the coming months, said it expects workers for these jobs to continue to be highly sought after in the coming year.

The research is based on an analysis of the 1,429,842 jobs posted on in 2015. The researchers compared the jobs posted in 2015 to those in 2014 to determine the rankings.

Fiction and online writers also saw an increase in demand for their services in 2015. [See Related Story: 7 Writers Share What They Love (and Hate) Most About Their Jobs]

The number of job postings on for fiction writers grew by nearly 400 percent, with online writing positions having grown by close to 300 percent. The researchers attribute some of this to small businesses needing to create cohesive and consistent marketing strategies for their companies online.

The number of online employers looking for social media experts also rose over the past year. Instagram-related work grew by 1,328 percent in 2015, while the number of Pinterest jobs increased by 152 percent.

The study's authors said the rise in this type of work is due, in large part, to the growing trend of "snackable" visual content, which makes it easier for small business owners to showcase their products and services.

The study did reveal a number of programming and computer-related positions that are also in high demand. Swift, AngularJS and R programming expert positions were among the 10 fastest-growing online jobs in 2015.

The complete list of the 50 fastest-growing freelance jobs and skill areas for online work consists of:

  1. Delivery
  2. Instagram
  3. Blog install
  4. Swift
  5. Package design
  6. Fiction
  7. AngularJS
  8. Internet research
  9. R programming language
  10. Online writing
  11. Microsoft office
  12. Laravel
  13. SPSS Statistics
  14. Microsoft Outlook
  15. Short stories
  16. Volusion
  17. Search engine marketing
  18. RESTful
  19. Statistical analysis
  20. Order processing
  21. English spelling
  22. User experience design
  23. Legal writing
  24. English grammar
  25. Google website optimizer
  26. Internet security
  27. Audio production
  28. Pinterest
  29. Mobile app testing
  30. Node.js
  31. Business writing
  32. Telephone handling
  33. Branding
  34. Video production
  35. Word processing
  36. Video editing
  37. Financial analysis
  38. Resumes
  39. Database development
  40. Network administration
  41. Shopify
  42. E-books
  43. Email handling
  44. Presentations
  45. Corporate identity
  46. Website management
  47. Adobe Flash
  48. Facebook marketing
  49. Bitcoin
  50. BlackBerry
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