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Forget First Class: LinkedIn and Delta Launch 'Innovation Class'

Forget First Class: LinkedIn and Delta Launch 'Innovation Class'
LinkedIn launches a new program pairing entrepreneurs on airline flights. / Credit: Airplane image via Shutterstock

If you're an entrepreneur looking to rub elbows with startup royalty, here's your chance.

Delta Airlines announced this week it's partnering with the social networking site LinkedIn to connect high-profile professionals with the business leaders of tomorrow. Through the new mentoring program, called "Innovation Class," Delta is offering LinkedIn members the chance to fly with leaders from their industry as a way to share ideas and discuss goals and future projects.

Delta is previewing the concept at this weeks TED2014 conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. The first in-flight pairing occurred en-route to the conference between James Patten, CEO of Patten Studio and influential technologist Eric Migicovsky, CEO of Pebble Technology.

"Innovation Class is our small contribution to enable collaboration by bringing together brilliant minds, and there is no better place to launch this program than at TED- an organization that was born to spread ideas and fuel innovation," said Mauricio Parise, Delta's director of worldwide marketing communications.

Delta will host additional Innovation Class flights throughout 2014, including the next pairing in May featuring Sean Brock, an Outstanding Chef finalist for The James Beard Awards who is running restaurants in Charleston, South Caroline and Nashville, Tennessee.

Those who are interested in the opportunity to fly with a titan in their industry can submit an application at

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