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Google Business Apps Program Pays Users for Every Referral

Google Business Apps Program Pays Users for Every Referral
Google is offering a referral fee to anyone who gets businesses to sign up for Google apps. / Credit: Google+ image via Shutterstock

Google is so eager for you to share its cloud-based business apps with your friends that it's willing to pay you to do it.

This week, the online giant launched its Google Apps Referral Program, which pays current Google Apps users $15 for each business they get to sign up for the cloud-based productivity suite that helps a business's employees connect and get work done from anywhere on any device.

"The referral program makes it easy to share Google Apps with your network and show them how they too can use these tools at work," Prajesh Parekh, part of the Google Apps Marketing team, wrote on the company's blog. "To show our appreciation, we're offering a $15 referral bonus for each new Google Apps user you refer."

Included in the suite of apps are Google's email service Gmail; Google Drive, which allows employees to store files in the cloud to share and access anywhere; and Google Docs, which lets teams of professionals create, share and work on documents in real time.

Google Apps also features a spreadsheet program, Google Sheets; a presentation program, Google Slides; and a video-conferencing program, called Hangouts. Depending on the features a business desires, Google Apps costs either $5 or $10 a month per user.

To sign up for the referral program, users need to provide Google with their name, email address, a valid taxpayer ID number and the bank account where they want the money deposited. Once registered, they'll receive a unique referral link to send to the businesses they'd like to sign up. To entice others to join, those in the referral program can pass along coupons to interested businesses that will save them $10 per user for the first year.

Members of the program can refer an unlimited number of customers and are rewarded for each referral customer's first 100 users, which are the individual accounts belonging to the customer domain. This means for each business that signs up100 employees, the referrer will get $1,500.

The program is available only to users in the U.S. and Canada.

Originally published on Business News Daily.

Chad Brooks

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