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Google Places Adds SEO Friendly Features

Google Places Adds SEO Friendly Features
These 11 things will help you keep customers coming back to your website. / Credit: Web site image via Shutterstock

Google recently updated the policies and guidelines for its Places for Business service, and the new additions include descriptors in listings. Businesses can now enter a single word or phrase alongside a title to provide more accurate listings.

According to Google's guidelines, the descriptors should be used to "help customers locate your business or understand what your business offers." Simple details, such as "downtown" or "pizza restaurant," are permitted, but taglines and links are forbidden.

This update may prove beneficial for business owners looking to improve their search-engine optimization and increase their business's visibility on Google. However, it comes at a time when Places has been criticized for being too easy for people to exploit.

This explains Google's strict stance on what types of phrases can and cannot be used as descriptors. The search-engine giant consolidates information provided by clients with data aggregated from all over the Web, and the company warns that inaccuracies or frivolous details will only make it harder for potential customers to discover your business.

In addition to introducing descriptors, Google is making changes to the way Places handles duplicate listings. Earlier this week, clients with multiple businesses listed in the same location under different accounts received notices via email asking them to remove the extra listings. Until these extra listings are removed, companies will be prevented from updating the information on any of the duplicate listings.

All of these changes can be found on Google's Places for Business Help Center.

Originally published on Business News Daily.

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