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BlackBerry Q20: Top 3 Business Features

Brett Nuckles
Brett Nuckles

The BlackBerry Q20 is the company's latest flagship business phone. Like last year's BlackBerry Q10, the Q20 boasts a physical keyboard, as well as the same security features that have made the brand popular in the enterprise space. An exact release date and pricing details haven't yet been announced, but business users can pick up the Q20 when it launches later this spring. For now, read on for three features that could make it worth the wait.

Full QWERTY keyboard

Touch-screen keyboards have improved by leaps and bounds over the years, but some users simply prefer the tactile feedback of physical keys. The Q20 retains BlackBerry's trademark QWERTY keyboard to help you pound out emails in a hurry, and avoid typos.

Updated hardware

The design of the BlackBerry Q20 is based on the Q10, which was one of the best keyboard-equipped smartphones available when it launched last year. But BlackBerry updated the hardware for the Q20 in a few key areas. First, the Q20's 3.5-inch touch screen is bigger than the 3.1-inch display on the Q10. Exact specifications for the device haven't yet been announced, but users can expect the Q20 to feature a significant performance boost over its predecessor, which already included a relatively quick dual-core processor. And BlackBerry says the Q20 will also get a battery-life boost.

BlackBerry security

Thanks to integrated security features, BlackBerry smartphones such as the Q20 are still worth a look. The phone will monitor your activity and can send automated security warnings, to prevent confidential documents from being sent to personal contacts and work data from being copied, forwarded or accessed by social media apps. And if you provide BlackBerry devices to your employees, a device-management console is available that lets you pick which apps employees can use. It also allows you to delete business data if the employee leaves the company, so you can keep confidential information private. The Q20 also includes native support for BlackBerry Messenger, which encrypts messages to keep company communication secure.

Image Credit: Like last year's BlackBerry Q10, the Q20 features a physical keyboard. / Credit: BlackBerry
Brett Nuckles
Brett Nuckles
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