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Nokia Lumia Black Update for Windows Phone: Top Business Features

Nokia Lumia Black Update for Windows Phone: Top Business Features
The Nokia Lumia 1520 runs Lumia Black out of the box. / Credit: Nokia

A new software update for Nokia Windows Phone models is packed with handy features for business users. Dubbed Lumia Black, the update is rolling out this month for most smartphones in Nokia's Lumia line. The first phones to receive the upgrade wirelessly are the Lumia 1020, 925, 920 and 820 models, while the Lumia 1520 runs it out of the box. To check to see if your phone has the update, navigate to the Settings menu and tap "Phone Update." Here are three features of Lumia Black that will give business users a boost.

1. Glance screen 2.0

Nokia's glance screen already saved Windows Phone users time and energy by displaying the current time on your Lumia Phone, even when the screen is in standby mode. It works by taking advantage of the AMOLED display found on certain Windows Phone models, which allows the phone to light up individual pixels while others remain unlit. The introduction of the glance screen meant that business users could check the time on their phone without turning on the entire display, saving valuable battery life. Now notifications have been added to the glance screen, making it even more useful. It lets you see alerts for emails, text messages, missed calls and more at a glance, without draining battery life.

2. Projector mode

Nokia's new "Beamer" feature lets you beam whatever is on your smartphone to any larger, Internet-connected display in just a few steps. The simulated projector mode is great for business meetings, allowing users to easily share presentations and documents stored on their phone. Just select "share nearby" from the options menu at any time to send a QR code to the larger display, then scan the code with your phone to start beaming.

3. Screen sharing

The "Beamer" functionality also allows you to share your screen with another smartphone. Just select "share remotely" from the options menu, then send the provided link to another user via SMS or email. When they open the link, they will be able to see whatever is currently shown on your phone. For business users, it's a good option to share documents with a colleague or associate. You could also share your screen while using the maps app to point out your current location, or a location of interest.

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