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Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition: Top 3 Business Features

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The new Note 10.1’s packs a big, beautiful display and a handy stylus. / Credit: Samsung.

The new 2014 edition of Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet is packed with hardware and software features that make it a top contender for the title of best Android tablet for business. It can't match pricey Windows 8.1-powered tablets like the Surface Pro 2 in flexibility and multitasking prowess, but the new Note 10.1 does provide a big, beautiful display, a handy S Pen stylus and heaps of productivity-boosting software. Read on to learn about the top three features that make the $550 Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition a best buy for business users.

New software features make the Note 10.1's S Pen stylus more useful than ever for the business crowd. Simply pull out the stylus from its slot — or hover the tip near the display and press the single button on its side — to access the compact Action Menu, which lets you jump to one of five useful pen input applications: Action Memo, Scrapbooker, Screen Write, Pen Window and S Finder.

Action Memo is a note-taking app that doubles as a networking tool. The app features handwriting recognition, so it can be used to quickly capture the phone number or email address of a new contact and save it to your address book. You can also use it to call a contact, search Google Maps or save an item to your to-do list.

Scrapbooker lets you capture text and images on your Note 10.1's screen by drawing around a portion of the screen. Later, you can use the S Finder tool to search for a specific clip, a great tool for business users conducting research. Screen Write allows you to capture a full screenshot from your display and jot down notes over top of it, while Pen Window is another multitasking tool that lets you run apps right on your home screen in custom-size windows you draw with the S Pen, though the feature is a bit cumbersome to use compared with Multi Window.

The Multi Window feature is baked into the Touch Wiz software that powers the Note 10.1 and other Samsung devices. The Note 10.1 features the latest version of Multi Window, and includes the ability to drag and drop text between apps. To get started, just tap the Multi Window tab on the left side of the display to open a drawer of supported apps. Select apps from the drawer to run them side by side or stacked vertically, and resize the windows by dragging a slider located between them. The feature is a real productivity booster for business users who want to take notes or browse the Web while responding to an email. You won’t find multitasking like this on the average Android tablet or iPad, though similar functionality can be found on Windows 8.1 tablets.

As its name suggests, the Note 10.1 boasts a bright, 10.1-inch 2560 x 1600 display. It's roomier than the iPad Air's 9.7-inch display and much sharper than the display on the original Note 10.1. That will provide a boost to business users who need the tablet's multitasking features, or who want to view and edit documents – after pairing the Note 10.1 with a Bluetooth keyboard, of course. In addition to being large, sharp and bright, the Note 10.1's display is also digitizer-enhanced for more natural, pressure-sensitive writing and note-taking with the S Pen.

Originally published on BusinessNewsDaily.

Brett Nuckles

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