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"Start Something": Weebly CEO Shares E-Commerce Startup Tips for 2014

weebly, website building, startups
Weebly, a popular website building tool, encourages entrepreneurs to “start something” new and fresh. / Credit: Weebly.com

Is your New Year's resolution to start your own business? With the holiday rush and seasonal specials coming to an end, this could be the ideal time of the year to plan and launch a new startup. Weebly, a popular website-building tool, has been encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to do just that with its "Start Something" campaign.

"Weebly has always been focused on the entrepreneur," said David Rusenko, CEO of Weebly. "We're challenging people to start something fresh in the new year.

In November, Weebly announced that it would be adding an integrated e-commerce platform to its set of Web-design tools, to make it easier for the average entrepreneur to design and set up a custom online storefront. Based on Rusenko's advice, here are three quick startup tips for individuals who want to launch an e-commerce business in 2014: [How to Start an Online Business]

Be unique. Unlike the mass-produced inventory sold by large-scale e-commerce retailers like Amazon.com, the products of smaller merchants are often unique and can really appeal to consumers. For new e-commerce entrepreneurs, it's important to have a high-quality product that is different and better than what's already out there.

Design a great website. Having a clean, easy-to-navigate website for your business is key to enticing customers. Optimizing your site for mobile access, adding SEO tags to boost your search rankings, and having a customized design and layout will make your site more accessible, appealing and user-friendly.

Market your business. Once you have a great product and website, you need to market your business to spread the word and get customers. Marketing doesn't have to be expensive, either — a strong social media presence and word of mouth from satisfied customers go a long way.

"Almost everyone wants to create something; they just don't realize it's possible," Rusenko said. "Now is the time to get a new idea off the ground to change your life for the positive."

Originally published on BusinessNewsDaily.

Nicole Fallon

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