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Yahoo Mail Outage Has Small Business Owners, Job Hunters Fuming

Yahoo Mail Outage Has Small Business Owners, Job Hunters Fuming
Small business owners who use Yahoo mail are angry that the service is still not restored. / Credit: Yahoo page image via Shutterstock

Update: As of 3 a.m. EST Dec. 12, Yahoo's @Yahoomail Twitter account said service is still down for some users. For those who do have access to their accounts, Yahoo estimates that 30 percent of emails sent during the mail outage have been delivered.

With Yahoo's mail service down since late Monday (Dec. 9) and promised deadlines to fix it come and gone, users are furious. But none may be as upset as small business owners who use Yahoo Mail as their business email — their primary tool to communicate with customers has effectively been shut down two weeks before Christmas.

What better place to vent frustrations than Twitter? Many users have taken to the social network to tell @yahoomail exactly how they feel and how the disaster is affecting their businesses.

Markie Hayes, who sells scarves, blankets and toddler wear, uses Yahoo Mail for Marlee Ro, her Etsy shop. She has missed two days' worth of business because of the outage:

I'm glad all of my shop orders go to my @yahoomail that's been down for 2 days...you know, the last week of Christmas orders...#NoBigDeal

— Marlee Ro (@MarkieHayes)

"My Yahoo email is what's attached to my Etsy shop," Hayes told BusinessNewsDaily in an email. "It's how I get notification of orders and payments."

Like many online shop owners, Hayes' Yahoo Mail address is also attached to her PayPal and USPS accounts to process payments and shipping info, causing many delays in multiple aspects of her business — a problem no shop owner needs during the holidays.

"There are always ways I can do things directly through these sites but it's super inconvenient when it's the last week to ship items before Christmas," Hayes said.

Cheri Wallace Lindle had a similar experience:

Small business. TOTALLY affected!! And after two days it is still out );

— Cheri Wallace Lindle (@CheriLindle)

Kasinda complained about her inability to get into her Yahoo Small Business account:

@YahooCare ok this is day 2 of me not being able to get into my yahoo small business account email!!!

— Kasinda (@cindypooh580)

"I have work that needs to get done," Kasinda tweeted @YahooCare. "We trust YOU to handle our business. I need to get into my mail."

Business owners were further alarmed when some were able to gain access to their accounts, only to discover that all email received since the outage is missing.

“It is finally back up but all of my email from the 29th to date is missing. It is a horrible, horrible time of year for this to happen! I have no idea if repeat customers need to get in touch - even worse would be for customers to think we are ignoring them. Hopefully they will get it addressed soon,” said Angie, owner of another Etsy shop based in Nashville, called Angie and Brittany.

Small business owners aren’t the only ones worried about what the Yahoo mail outage is doing to their careers. Job hunters, too, are stressed because they’re worried about emails they may have received from prospective jobs.

“My email has been down since Monday night around 8 p.m. PST,” Seattle-area job hunter Nicole Pipe told BusinessNewsDaily in an email (from another email account). “It has been detrimental... My contract recently ended at Microsoft and I have been interviewing for numerous positions throughout the Seattle area. All of my contacts are in my Yahoo address book, which I was also unable to access so I couldn't even call them."

To make matters worse, Pipe is currently a potential candidate waiting for call-backs. "When my email went down, I was actually in the process of scheduling two separate second-round interviews, as well as waiting to hear back on a possible offer. If any of these companies emailed, this makes me look unresponsive and not interested,” she said. “I can do my best to explain the Yahoo outage, but since it has not been communicated to the masses very well, who knows what the hiring managers will think or believe.”

Given Yahoo Mail's lack of responses to ease customer concerns and their pursuit for answers, some have also taken to Twitter to speculate on what Yahoo Mail's data center troubles are truly about:

@yahoomail @_SamanthaDean And WHAT issue would that be?? Massive hack?? Massive virus?? Tell us!!

— kylorii (@NikiTurley1)