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10 Most Annoying Things About Business Travel

plane If only traveling went this smoothly. / Credit: Plane image via Shutterstock

Do you still find traveling enjoyable? Then you probably aren't a frequent traveler.

Most frequent fliers know that traveling can be a real pain. Do any of these annoyances sound familiar?

Not having Wi-Fi can make you really frustrated, especially when you are at 30,000 feet. Credit: Frustrated image via Shutterstock


Some things just shouldn't go into the overhead bins. Credit: Come Fly With Me


If you aren't feeling well please stay off the plane. Credit: Sick image via iStock


Not honoring personal space can really make people lose it. Credit: Airplane


Is it really that hard to be prepared when going through the security checkpoints? Credit: Security Line image via iStock


The seat doesn't need to go all the way back. Credit: Recline Image via iStock


We know that nature calls, but can you hold it for more than 10 minutes? Credit: Bathroom image via iStock


I am not a pillow. Credit: Sleep mage via iStock


Please be considerate, we are in a cramped space here. Credit: Gas mask image via Shutterstock


Ever heard of elbow room? Credit: Armrest image via iStock
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