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Want to Sell Your Art Online? A List of Resources

art-sales-vroom-110104-hd Christopher Vroom

“The biggest challenge facing artists is creating relationships with resources such as curators, collectors and dealers,” said Christopher Vroom, chairman of Art & Culture Editions, a website that sells prints and original artworks. “These are contacts that can prove critical towards developing a sustained creative practice.”

Vroom’s website helps connect artists with buyers.

“Most of the artists I know really want to focus on making art. Many engage studio managers to handle their business relationships or rely upon their gallery to do that. It's critical though to continually track progress against goals set at the beginning of the year,” Vroom told BusinessNewsDaily.

Vroom is also the founder of Artadia, a nonprofit organization based in New York that has provided nearly $3 million in support to 250 artists living in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Houston and Atlanta. In addition to financial support, the organization hosts exhibitions of artists’ work and produces catalogues of artwork.

“One of the most valuable services we provide to artists, however, is not money," Vroom said. "It's the relationships with a national network of curators, gallerists, artists, museum and foundation professionals and collectors. Our relationship with our artists is forever. We nurture them over an extended period of time, which is unique among the very few entities that support artists directly.”

While Vroom’s Art & Culture Editions is a highly curated website —  meaning not every artist will be chosen to sell their works on the website — there are many other online resources for artists and craftspeople who want to sell directly to consumers.

BusinessNewsDaily has compiled a list of a few of the better-known websites on which artists can sell their art:

  • Etsy.com, an online marketplace for handmade and vintage items
  • RedBubble.com, an online art site that specializes in clothes, wall art, stickers, cards and calendars
  • BigCartel.com, a customizable online shopping cart and e-commerce storefront for artists
  • FineArtAmerica.com, an online community and marketplace for artists
  • Zatista.com, an online e-commerce site for original artwork.
Business News Daily Editor

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