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Jessica Alba on Her Startup, The Honest Company

Jessica Alba on Her Startup, The Honest Company
Actress and mother Jessica Alba meets with her design team to discuss products for her startup, The Honest Company. / Credit: AOL.com

Jessica Alba is best known for her acting career, but in January 2012, the celebrity ventured into entrepreneurship and launched The Honest Company. This startup, co-founded by author and former Healthy Child Healthy World CEO Christopher Gavigan, is devoted to creating eco-friendly, nontoxic home products to help parents give their children a better, safer start in life.

In this installment of AOL's famous entrepreneur video profile series, "Acting Disruptive," Alba talks to host Max Lugavere about The Honest Company. She describes her startup as a "family company," producing everything from detergents and personal care products to diapers and baby wipes. Alba's inspiration for this business venture came from her most important role to date: a mother to her two young daughters.

"When you all of a sudden become responsible for keeping a little person alive, your mindfulness about the world completely shifts," Alba told Lugavere. "I started this company out of a need [in the home products market] that I felt wasn't being met. You can have superior ingredients and products as far as effectiveness goes, and they can be cute and affordable."

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Alba goes on to explain the social aspect of her company's website, which includes a parenting blog for customers to find advice.

"They used to say, 'It takes a village to raise a child,' and the Internet is the new village," she said.

Find out why cuteness is one of the most important product design considerations at The Honest Company, and what Alba considers to be the ultimate baby shower gift in this "Acting Disruptive" video.

Originally published on BusinessNewsDaily.

Nicole Fallon

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