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What Scares Consumers Most About Technology

What Scares Consumers Most About Technology
Consumers worry most about data security. / Credit: Eye image via Shutterstock

Is a fear that your data will end up the wrong hands keeping you up at night? You're not the only one.  

Modis, an IT recruiting firm, recently polled American consumers asking what they fear most about technology. The survey revealed that security breaches and the ensuing data loss top consumers' list of technology-related worries.

According to the survey, consumers feel that a data leak is the scariest thing that can happen. Their biggest tech fear is their financial information being compromised, with 59 percent of consumers being most fearful about their online banking information being leaked or publicized. To a lesser degree, consumers also fear that the security of various other information will be compromised, including their photos and videos (7 percent), social media passwords (7 percent), text messages (5 percent) personal emails (5 percent), search or browser history (3 percent), and apps (1 percent). While 22 percent of consumers fear having their personal or work email accounts hacked, 19 percent also fear losing all of the files or data on their computer, the survey found. 

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In fact, data is so important that 47 percent of consumers are willing to spend an average of $128 to recover lost mobile phones and all its digital content. Younger people in the 18-34 age bracket are willing to spend at least $50 or more, the survey revealed.

The survey also found that younger people are the most likely to be concerned about data leaks. Whereas 13 percent of young people in the 18-34 age group are afraid of having their photos or videos broadcasted without their consent, 11 percent of 35-44 year olds, 3 percent of 45-54 year-olds, and 2 percent of those 65 or older feared the same; 55-64 year-olds did not indicate similar fears. 

The survey polled 1,004 Americans from Oct. 10-13, and was conducted by OCI International on behalf of Modis.

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