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Temp-to-Hire: Growing Trend in Job Placement

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With open full-time jobs at a premium, many workers look for temporary positions to get them going down the right path. However, while the jobs may start out as temporary, many are often transitioned to permanent positions.

Temp-to-hire jobs are those positions where employees start out working only temporary assignments, that when done well can lead to a full-time job.

In an interview with Forbes magazine, Adecco Staffing President Joyce Russell said the number of temporary jobs turning into permanent ones are at a rate higher than she has seen on years.

"Employers are ready and willing to hire, and we're seeing a majority of them opt to hire this way to make sure they're making the best choice possible," Russell told Forbes.

Companies and businesses of all sizes look for temporary workers, some of which will be transitioned to full-time employees. Among the numerous jobs that are filled by temporary workers include everything from manufacturing positions and administrative jobs to even teachers and doctors.

The opportunities for temporary job are numerous as companies try to stay as nimble as possible in the current economic climate. It's what an employee proves during their temporary assignment that will determine whether or not they are brought on full-time.

In order to land a temp-to-hire position, jobseekers need to work through a staffing agency. The agency will place jobseekers with a company that is looking for a temporary employee, with hopes that it could end up being a longer-term relationship.

The temporary assignment is considered a trial period and gives both the company and employee an opportunity to determine if they are a good fit for each other. From the company's standpoint, they can use the temporary assignment to evaluate the employee and see if they have the skills necessary to be brought on full-time. They can make sure that the employee fits in with the company's culture and that they are able to work well with those around them.

For the employee, it is a chance to really show an employer what they have to offer. It is also an opportunity to make sure they feel comfortable with the new employer, the co-workers they will be working along side and that the projects they are being asked to work.  

For those looking to get their foot in the door with a company, temp-to-hire jobs offer a number of benefits. In addition to helping to build up a resume, temp-to-hire jobs also provide an excellent opportunity for workers to network and meet other employees who may either help them transition to a full-time job at the company or provide them with quality leads for work at other businesses.

There are a number of downsides, however, to temp-to-hire positions. Most notably is that nothing is guaranteed. While an employee might go into a temporary position with expectations of it turning into a regular full-time job, the company might not feel the same way. There are times when an employer is truly only looking for someone temporarily and not truly interested in bringing them on permanently.

Additional drawbacks to temp-to-hire positions are that while the employee is still considered temporary the spotlight is always on them. It is critical that they put their best foot forward at all times, or risk not being considered for a full-time position. While everyone makes mistakes, they are highlighted even greater when a temporary employee makes them. Any little slip-up could mean the difference between landing that full-time job and being sent back to the staffing agency when the temporary positions wraps up. Temp-to-hire employees also earn less money and are offered fewer benefits when still considered temporary.

In order to land a temporary job with the hopes of it becoming permanent, employees need to work with a staffing agency. Staffing agencies work with both the employer and employees to ensure both are getting a good fit. Among some of the most popular staffing firms across the United States include:

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