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Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX: Business Friendly Features

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX: Business Friendly Features
Amazon's business-friendly Kindle Fire HDX tablet launched Friday. / Credit: Kindle Fire HDX image courtesy of Amazon

The new Kindle Fire HDX tablet from Amazon may be able to improve your small business.

What the new tablet lacks in stature — its screen measures just 7 inches — it makes up with business-friendly features to boost your productivity and keep your files secure.

The 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX launched on Friday. A bigger 8.9-inch version will hit retail shelves in November.

Here are five features that make the smaller Kindle Fire HDX a business-ready device.

  • Tech Support: Your small business probably doesn’t have an IT department, so the new “Mayday” button built into Amazon’s new tablet means you’re less likely to waste valuable time tussling with technical difficulties. The button, accessed via the Kindle Fire HDX’s main drop-down settings menu, instantly connects you or your employee to Amazon’s 24/7 tech support. The feature includes the ability to video-chat directly on your tablet with an Amazon representative, who can remotely access your device to walk you through the fix you need.
  • Office Productivity: Users can easily read and edit documents, access presentations and manage spreadsheets with built-in software on the Kindle Fire HDX. The tablet ships with OfficeSuite installed, and includes full Outlook support for seamless email integration. The Kindle Fire HDX also ships with built-in support for Google Apps for Business, for users who prefer Google’s cloud-based applications over OfficeSuite.
  • Affordability: The 7-inch Kindle Fire HDX won’t break the bank. Compared to alternatives like the iPad Mini and Google’s second-generation Nexus 7, the Kindle Fire HDX is exceptionally affordable, making it a good choice for cost-cutting small businesses. The tablet retails at $229 for the lower-end version, which includes 16GB of internal storage and a Wi-Fi-only antenna.
  • Portability: The tablet’s relatively small screen may not be the ideal for every task, but its lightweight design makes it a good choice for mobile business owners or employees. With a thin 0.35-inch frame and an 11-ounce body, the Kindle Fire HDX won’t weigh you down on your commute. And its long 11-hour battery life means you won’t have to hunt for a plug on most trips.
  • Security: Amazon touts new security features on the Kindle Fire HDX. The tablet boasts hardware-based encryption to keep your business’ sensitive data safe and secure.
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