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KFC Auctions Colonel Sanders’ Memorabilia

KFC Auctions Colonel Sanders’ Memorabilia
KFC is auctioning off some of Colonel Sanders' treasures to raise money for charity. / Credit: KFC image via Shutterstock

Sorry – Colonel Sanders’ top-secret recipe for fried chicken isn’t on the list.

But bidders can snag one of 17 other pieces of historic Kentucky Fried Chicken memorabilia in an auction to end hunger this month.

KFC has launched the “Recipe for Hope” hunger relief program, starting now through Nov. 10. The company is auctioning off a slew of items owned by Harland Sanders — better known as Colonel Sanders — as he built his fried chicken empire.

Proceeds from the auction will benefit organizations working to end world hunger, including Feeding America and the World Food Programme.

Items up for auction include a Senate proclamation given to Sanders’ on his 90th birthday, a special invitation from President Jimmy Carter for Sanders and his wife to attend a 1979 White House reception, a rare Colonel Sanders weathervane from the 1960s and a key to the city of St. Louis presented to the Colonel.

Bidders can even win a congressional record of Sanders’ death in 1980.

“Colonel Sanders' secret recipe to a life well-lived was grounded in giving back and feeding those in need – a principle that lives on today at KFC through our ‘Recipe for Hope’ program,” said John Cywinski, president of KFC U.S., in a press release. “It seems only fitting that we continue to honor the Colonel’s commitment to fighting hunger by making it possible for his fans to own some of his most prized memorabilia. In doing so, they’ll be further contributing to that same cause.”

Worldwide, 1 in 8 people goes to bed hungry each night, according to the World Food Programme. In the United States alone, hunger afflicts about 49 million people each day, including 16 million children.

You don’t need to bid to contribute to the cause. Customers can also donate $1 with each meal at KFC restaurants across the United States to benefit the World Food Programme, the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger.

Last year alone, the organization provided food assistance to more than 97 million people in 80 countries.

Originally published on BusinessNewsDaily.