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7 Jobs That Are Just Like Playing Video Games

Shea Garner, BusinessNewsDaily Contributor

If you enjoy spending your free time in the carefree world of video games and augmented reality, you might want to consider dedicating your profession to a similar virtual craft.

While they may not be quite as carefree, these 10 careers might spark the interest of any dedicated gamer.

UAV operator

Used for both military and civilian purposes, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are becoming increasingly prevalent and garnering much attention (some of it controversial). Similar to a flight simulator, pilots can expect a range of duties depending on their career path.

For the military, pilots are required to operate drones in combat zones while quickly analyzing intelligence data. Civilian drones are often used for farming and surveillance.

Technical artist

Enjoy the graphic design element of movies and video games? Maybe creating a virtual world is the path for you.

Animation studios like Pixar offer jobs in computer simulation, effects and 3D design. These careers often require extensive programming experience and fluency in computer graphic techniques.

Digital architect

Amazed or intrigued by virtual cityscapes? Digital architects use computer-modeling programs to create digital representations of physical structures.

Creatives can test the limits of real-world architecture, designing unique or complex facilities using computer scripts and algorithms. Architects can also digitally map existing structures or construct virtual realities.

3D printer

This relatively new technology is already beginning to change how certain goods are produced and consumed.

From cars and toys, to even living biological cells, these machines print a solid physical object rendered from a digital model. Computer-Aided Design (CAD) systems are often used to cross-section the object’s digital representation.

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Viral advertising

Viral video-game advertisers use special computer programs to capture screenshots, images and gameplay.

Advertisers market the games by cutting together trailers, clips and promotional content for online channels like YouTube and Vimeo. The viral promotion creates hype and builds excitement on fan sites and message boards.

Game tester

Game testers usually work from home, reporting bugs and other problems with forthcoming products. They are often paid directly by the company.

While this is perhaps the most sought-after job for gamers, it’s actually quite low-paid. Testers could be stuck playing a specific prototype of a gamefor days on end.

App developer

Apps have become an increasingly popular commodity since the introduction of smartphones and mobile commerce.

In fact, apps sold on Android and iOS platforms are some of the most profitable gaming products on the market today. "Candy Crush Saga" is considered one of the highest-selling consumer games in years.

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