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Consumer Behavior Influences Marketers’ Strategies for 2011

Swayed by the explosive growth of mobile and social-media platforms in 2010, marketers all over the world expect to spend more than half of their media budgets on promoting their products and services digitally in 2011.

A recent survey of technology buyers and marketers in six countries reveals significant shifts in how consumers research products before making purchases, which have influenced marketers and advertisers to modify their marketing strategies for the next 12 months.

“Digital, social media and mobile have a lot of momentum among both users and marketers,” said Matthew Yorke, president of IDG Strategic Marketing Services, an agency within media, events and research company IDG Communications, which conducted the survey.

Consumers rely on media websites

More eyes are setting their sights online, particularly media websites, to see information about products and services.

Of the 3, 658 technology consumers surveyed in the U.S., Brazil, Germany, Japan, and Sweden, United Kingdom, 75 percent of them rely heavily on media websites to research products and services. The same consumers – although less frequently – also use tech-related print publications (55 percent), tech vendor sites (45 percent) and tech-focused communities and discussion forums (41 percent).

How marketers will react in 2011

Not only are marketers planning to spend an average of 53 percent of their media budgets on digital marketing, but 63 percent of them also are preparing to increase their overall spending on media in 2011.

Nine out of 10 marketers said they use social media , and it is the main area where they anticipate an increase in spending over the next 12 months. And 60 percent will invest in mobile next year.

Technology marketers reported their digital spending currently goes toward branding themselves primarily on content websites (41 percent), through search marketing (24 percent) and on ad networks (21 percent).

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