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Social Media Moms Research Electronics Before They Buy

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First there were Soccer Moms, then Security Moms and Hockey Moms. Now, there are Social Media Moms. This new development has big implications for marketers.

A new study from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) reveals that most moms use social media to share and review opinions of technology products and retailers to make informed purchasing decisions.

“As the main purchase decision makers in the home, women with children represent a crucial demographic for marketers,” said Ben Arnold, senior research analyst, CEA. “To make more informed decisions, many moms turn to social media sites including blogs, message boards and product fan pages to research products and get first-hand product reviews and recommendations.”

The CEA found that 64 percent of moms have read information posted about consumer electronics products and retailers. Among these moms, nearly two in three purchased a consumer electronics device as a result, and 51 percent recommended friends or family make a purchase. Comparatively, just 43 percent of all online adults have recommended that someone they know buy a consumer electronics product after reading information online about it.

Online conversations have the power to deter purchases as well, as 51 percent of moms reading information about technology products online have actually decided against purchase of a particular consumer electronics product based on what they read. Nearly four in ten recommended others not make a purchase based on what they had read.

“Online moms are a particularly important consumer segment as they are both active on social media sites and possess substantial buying power and influence,” said Arnold. “As social media continues to evolve, it is essential for companies to embrace brand evangelists to further extend the reach of their marketing initiatives.”

According to the study, one in three moms have posted reviews, opinions or experiences about electronics products and retailers in the past 12 months, compared to just a quarter of all women online.

Moms who post information online about consumer electronics tend to be affluent and interested in technology. Half are early adopters, and one in three has a household income of $75,000 or more. U.S. moms spend an average of $822 on CE products each year and account for more than half of their household’s total consumer electronics spending.

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