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The Fastest Growing Jobs in America

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Signs have been pointing to growth in the health care industry for quite a while now, but there may be an increase in jobs in a few other sectors in the near future. Job listing website EmploymentCrossing predicts a rise in recruitment in the construction and leisure/hospitality industries.

EmploymentCrossing, a branch of the Employment Research Institute, looked at quarterly employment outlook surveys published by staffing agency Manpower and the industries of jobs posted on its own website. Over the course of the past year, the construction and leisure/hospitality segments have witnessed increased hiring, with one of Manpower's surveys predicting 18 percent and 30 percent growth respectively by the end of 2013's third quarter. EmploymentCrossing's listings confirm that these industries do indeed have high recruitment, reporting more than 8,900 construction job postings and 154,000 hospitality job postings in recent months.

The reason for the upturn in these industries is that they underpinned the country's economy throughout the recession, EmploymentCrossing posited. Another article on the subject in the Baltimore Business Journal suggested that construction employment growth in particular is due to rising equity markets, home prices and consumer spending, which translates to a need for more housing and shopping complexes.

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With the clear indication of job growth in the construction and hospitality sectors, EmploymentCrossing believes these industries are about to enter their "glory days," and predicts that an accompanying boost in the overall economy will follow.

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