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More People Using Mobile to Access the Web

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Mobile devices are becoming the preferred way to access the Internet for a majority of people. New research has found that people now spend more than half their time online on mobile devices. 

Overall, 39 percent of time people spend on the Internet is done through smartphones, while 12 percent is done through tablets. The mobile trend only appears to be growing, with 66 percent of adults accessing the Internet across both personal computers and mobile devices.

The time spent on mobile devices has close to doubled in the past three years, reaching 890 billion minutes from 451 billion minutes in 2010. Despite the gains in mobile and other areas, time spent online has also increased more 20 percent from 2010 as well.  Marketers, therefore, cannot neglect PC users.

"This study reveals patterns about how different demographic groups approach device usage," said Frank Weishaupt, chief operating officer at Jumptap, which conducted the research. "As advertisers approach the digital consumer, it’s more important than ever to take into consideration device fragmentation patterns. Our investment in this research is to better equip the advertiser to understand not only who to target, but where and why."

In particular, the research found a number of distinctions among people from different age groups. Women between ages 25 and 49 are the most likely to access the Internet through mobile devices. Additionally, women in that age group also spend the most time accessing the Internet through mobile devices, followed closely by people between ages 18 and 24.

The researchers also found that older respondents ages 50 or older say they are comfortable using multiple platforms. Still, those respondents say they spend 41 percent of their time online on a mobile device.

"Advertisers recognize that we now live in a multi-platform world, and understanding how different consumer segments engage with content across platforms throughout the day can help them optimize the effectiveness of their campaigns," said Antoinette Marty, senior director of marketing solutions at comScore. "With usage shifting so quickly to mobile, the need to understand multi-platform audience dynamics will only accelerate."

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