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Don't Do It! App Aims to Help You Make Better Decisions

Don't Do It! App Aims to Help You Make Better Decisions Credit: iTunes

Even the best leaders make mistakes. Now, there's a way to prevent bad decisions from happening — via mobile app.

The Management Thinking Mistakes app wants to help decision makers avoid making mistakes in thinking by providing a misconception-debunking tool that can guide them in the right direction.

To help users steer clear of thinking traps, the Management Thinking Mistakes app aims to prevent mistakes before they occur. Using a crowdsourced collection of the most common thinking mistakes, users can learn to recognize common fallacies, biases and effects that can result in poor decision-making. By providing context-specific thinking mistakes, uses are able to find relevant information to help them properly evaluate situations.

"Thinking mistakes are defects in our thinking process that weaken our aim to find the best solutions," said developer WiB Solutions in a press release. "By learning to recognize common fallacies, biases and effects, we can avoid these mistakes in the context of meetings or decision making. At the same time, we can also learn to recognize the thinking mistakes when used by others."

For instance, before an important meeting, users can launch the app and search for their specific situation, which can be filtered by categories, such as the type of meeting and objective. The app will then list the common mistakes users will be facing, complete with examples, definitions, catchy visuals and references for a closer look. For each mistake, the app will also suggest management tools users can implement to avoid those errors. Users can then bookmark mistakes for future reference.

In addition to building their own shortlist of favorites, users can submit their own mistakes for others to learn from. If accepted, the user will be credited within the app for the contribution.

The Management Thinking Mistakes app is available to download for free at the Apple App Store. The app will also be used at Harvard University in the fall semester. The course, "Modern Dilemmas in the Corporation of the 21st Century," will be taught by Mark Esposito and is open with limited capacity to Harvard University students and anyone online via web conference.

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