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What Keeps IT Workers Up at Night

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Information technology (IT) workers may worry about protecting companies from cyberattacks, but they are even more concerned about their job security, new research has found.  

Namely, IT workers fear they may lose their jobs due to outsourcing, according to the study, which was conducted by Monster.

Overall, 87 percent of the IT workers surveyed said IT jobs are being shipped overseas. Respondents also said the fear of losing their jobs has additional consequences. The majority of IT workers said outsourcing leads to lower employee morale, and 52 percent of respondents said outsourcing leads to their job skills being less appreciated. The same percentage of workers said they have seen salary reductions as a result of outsourcing.

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Moreover, a vast majority of workers think overseas expansion is not necessary for future business growth. Just 14 percent of workers said expanding overseas will help their business grow globally.

Despite those concerns, respondents are still very happy in their jobs. IT workers trail only engineering, finance and health care professionals in their job satisfaction, the researchers found.    

"While job satisfaction in the IT sector is relatively strong, it is apparent that IT employees in the U.S. are apprehensive about their job security due to the belief that outsourcing offshore is increasing," said Jeffrey Quinn, vice president of global insights at Monster. "To keep the best IT talent, Monster data suggests that employers must recognize the job aspects valued most by workers, including salary, use of skills and career advancement. Employers should also work towards integrating IT employees with the rest of the office to increase satisfaction and boost morale."

The research was based on surveys of nearly 6,000 users as a part of Monster's Workforce Talent survey. 

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