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Email Marketing Tactics That Actually Work

marketing technology, marketing apps, social media marketing Credit: Marketing Technology image via Shutterstock

Companies looking for the secret to running a successful email marketing campaign should focus on content. That's because both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) companies say in new research that email marketing campaigns are most effective when they contain relevant and compelling content.

However, companies are also quick to admit that creating that content is also the hardest part of email marketing campaigns, a new eMarketer report found. Though B2B and B2C companies agree about the importance of content in marketing campaigns, they are not fully in agreement about other effective tactics for email marketing.

B2B businesses say segmenting their email database, integrating email with other marketing tactics and personalizing emails are other effective tactics for email marketing campaigns. B2C companies, on the other hand, say that testing and optimizing their emails is the second-most effective tactic in email marketing campaigns. B2C businesses are in agreement with B2B businesses about the effectiveness of segmenting email databases, integrating email with other marketing tactics and personalizing messages.

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Companies are running into problems when it comes to implementing some of those tactics. The eMarketer report found that testing and optimizing email messaging, segmenting email databases and engaging users through social media remain big challenges for companies in email marketing. Integrating email marketing with other marketing means also remains a big challenge for companies, the report found.

"The greatest percentage of marketers still felt challenged to create relevant and compelling content that will really draw in recipients," the eMarketer report said. "If marketers can create strong content, they believe it really does work at converting consumers."

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