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Making Money with Online Video Content

Video advertising image Credit: Advertising image via Shutterstock

Bill Rinehart, Founder and CEO of Unicorn Media, contributed this article to BusinessNewsDaily's Expert Voices: Op-Ed & Insights.

Television is still the main channel people use to access video content, but the way they select and view videos is changing rapidly. A Nielsen study revealed that, in homes with high-speed Internet, about a quarter of all video is now viewed on screens other than televisions, including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Changing video viewing habits provide new opportunities for video content publishers, but they also pose new challenges. Here are some tips publishers can use to maximize content monetization on Internet-streaming platforms:

Recognize the potential of emerging video-on-demand (VOD) platforms

Sites like YouTube draw billions of views, but new platforms are making inroads, including IP-streaming devices like Roku and gaming consoles like Xbox. Xbox LIVE now has around 46 million subscribers, making it a huge connected community. Consider apps to reach these viewers.

Deliver video across all platforms

A Nielsen survey found that over 33 million people viewed videos using a smartphone in 2012. That's over 35 percent more smartphone viewers than in 2011. To reach the most potential viewers, publishers should optimize video delivery for all screen sizes, operating systems and device types.

Insert targeted ads throughout short or long-form video content

Publishers can maximize revenue by delivering pre, mid and post-roll messages on the fly, inserting the ads in short or long-form content to target individual users by location and interests (as determined by the content they access, for example). This will allow them to convert more viewers into valuable ad customers.

Use analytics to refine messaging in real time

Analyzing ad performance in real time on every platform allows publishers and advertisers to make adjustments as appropriate to maximize profitability. Publishers should look for a solution that delivers data immediately to enable agility and sound decision-making.

Streamline operations with a comprehensive VOD solution

Breaking content down into thousands of files that have to be stored and managed to deliver video on different platforms is so time consuming that it can zero out the profit potential. Publishers should find a solution that makes cross-platform delivery over the Internet to any screen as simple as possible.

The rapid evolution in video content consumption preferences and technical delivery capabilities provides video publishers with incredible reach and many new ways to monetize their content libraries. But since the technology is evolving so rapidly, some content publishers aren't yet aware of all of the opportunities available to them.

Video publishers who fully understand the potential of Internet-delivered content can tap new revenue streams in their existing content libraries. By following these tips, video publishers can maximize ad dollars and get a distinct competitive advantage.

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