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Facebook Users Warming to Brand Engagement

Yes, You Can Put a Price on (Facebook) Friends . / Credit: 1000 Words / Shutterstock.com image via Shutterstock

Businesses that are not sure how to allocate their social media resources might want to focus mainly on Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter.

That’s because new research has found that those networks are the top four social networks in the world as ranked by the number of active users. Facebook was the most popular social network, with 51 percent of those using the Internet also using the network, an eMarketer report found. That number is set to grow, reaching 60 percent of active Internet users before the end of the year. 

Those users are not only logging in to Facebook on their computers, but they are also accessing the network on their smartphones and tablets in increasing numbers. That presents a large opportunity to businesses.   

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"Growth in social network usage came especially from the mobile phone and tablet, which were increasingly used for a variety of social activities," the eMarketer report said. "Watching videos on Facebook saw among the biggest jumps in usage, with viewing increasing by 47% on both PC and mobile, and nearly doubling on the tablet. Messaging friends on a one-on-one basis via Facebook also grew substantially on mobile phones and tablets."

Smartphone and tablet users are also accessing Facebook in a number of ways that could benefit brands. The number of Facebook users who liked a page promoting articles or products increased across personal computer, mobile phone and tablet users in the early part of this year. Additionally, users from across all platforms were more likely to follow a group or like a page that was created by a brand during the early part of this year.

Even with the popularity of Facebook, businesses that neglect other social networks are not getting the most out of their social media efforts. Twenty-six percent of Internet users are active users of Google+, making it the second-most popular social network in the world. That number is driven by popularity in other parts of the world, eMarketer reports. YouTube is viewed by a quarter of Internet users, while Twitter is used by 22 percent of Internet users. Active users are defined as having signed onto the network at least once a month.  

Just 8 percent of Internet users were active on LinkedIn, while even fewer (4 percent) were active on Pinterest. Those networks were the 12th and 14th most popular social networks in the world. Other regional social networks made up the rest of the top 15.

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