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Although marketing is a crucial part of the success of any business, many business owners struggle to get the word out about their business. Luckily for them, new technologies are making the process easier than they could imagine. Here are six marketing services small business owners should know about.


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Businesses looking to improve their marketing efforts may want to start with LocalVox. The service has gained attention from both business owners and the press for its ability to help businesses build their brand online. LocalVox helps business owners get the word out about their businesses by posting information to a number of sources, including social media sites, email newsletters, online directories and even, a local news network run by LocalVox.

The service ranges in price from $349 to $700 per month depending on the plan chosen by business owners.


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EggZack serves small businesses in a number of ways, from helping them design their website to setting up social media accounts. In addition to those services, EggZack offers marketing solutions for businesses that can integrate all marketing channels and show businesses which marketing efforts are effective. Because the service is automated, business owners can focus on other areas of their business that need their attention.

Prices for services such as setting up a website or social media account vary, but generally range from $75 to $275 per month.

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CrowdTwist is helping to solve marketing problems by targeting a brand's most loyal customers. However, CrowdTwist is not looking to sell those customers additional products. Instead, the service aims to reward those customers with one-of-a-kind experiences as a way to build customer relationships. For example, a campaign created on the CrowdTwist platform for the Miami Dolphins tracked fan interactions with the team and rewarded the team's most loyal fans. In that example a group of fans was able to carry the Dolphin's flag onto the field prior to a game because of their loyalty.

The service works in conjunction with existing rewards programs for brands. Companies are responsible for drawing customers to their rewards programs and setting up the experiences, but using its software, CrowdTwist can help companies identify which of their customers are most influential for their brand.


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Though Sverve targets a very specialized market — companies looking to be promoted by female bloggers — the service can provide a big boost to companies that fit that target market. The service works by matching business with female social media influencers. There is no cost for businesses to sign up, and they only pay when they begin a new campaign. Companies can sign up and browse a number of bloggers whom Sverve has compiled. Brands pay $75 per month to run their campaign, and bloggers apply to work on campaigns that are run. Brands must also agree on the method of payment to bloggers — which can be a onetime fee, coupons, free product samples or commission as compensation.

According to Sverve, campaigns often focus on product reviews, sponsored posts, promotions and other services.

Easy Flyer Creator

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Sometimes businesses can benefit from a return to basics in their marketing efforts. Easy Flyer Creator allows business to create everything from flyers and brochures to posters and tickets. Users can pick from a number of templates so that the process is simple for small business owners. The program can be purchased from the company website for $39.99 and is compatible with all Windows operating systems.


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TownWizard takes a unique approach to solving the marketing challenges of small and medium-size businesses. The company created a global network of local guides accessible via the Internet and smartphone applications. Businesses can participate in two ways: either by setting up a town guide for their community or advertising on an existing town guide. Setting up the application costs a onetime fee of $795 and a monthly fee of $249, but after the guide is set up, the creator can partner with businesses, charging for advertising, sponsorships, coupons and e-commerce sales from other businesses in that community.

TownWizard works with the business to help create both the website and mobile application. Creators are responsible for filling their town guide with local content. The service is currently offered in more than 150 locations in eight countries. Town guides are available via the Google Play and Apple App stores.

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