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Grow Your Business Social Media

The Social Network Most Executives Use

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There's one social network that's drawing attention from top-level executives more than any other.

Overall, 88 percent of business executives — including presidents, executive and senior vice presidents and directors of companies— say they use LinkedIn "often" or "very often." That makes LinkedIn the most popular social network among executives by quite a large margin. The next closest networks were Facebook and Twitter.  Additionally, 73 percent of executives say that LinkedIn is their preferred social network.

That being said, 65 percent of executives say they check social media daily while 27 percent say they are weekly users. Executives predominately use social media for between a half hour and an hour each week. One-quarter of respondents say they checked social media for between one and two hours while 20 percent say they spend more than two hours on social media. 

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Not only was LinkedIn predominately used by business executives, but it is also on their minds as well. LinkedIn was the top network that executives thought of when discussing social media, the research found. Facebook, Twitter and blogs were also thought of by more than half of business executives. 

"These executives tend to have full plates and their attention is focused on delivering better results and advancing their careers," said Dwain Celistan, executive vice president and global diversity practice leader at DHR International, which conducted the research. "The data has suggested that these leaders are not finding social media, in general, to provide enough benefits on either of those areas."

To that end, business leaders say there are a number of ways their experience on social media can be improved. Nine in 10 executives say that they would use social media more if it was more helpful to their business. Eighty-six percent say they would use social media if they were looking for a new career opportunity.  Other executives say they would use social media more often if they understood the benefits and if they thought it was a better use of their time.

"LinkedIn is seen as a social media vehicle worthy of their time," said Celistan. "It has become a means of connecting with ease and for some, an opening to business and career opportunities.  I anticipate this phenomenon to continue.  I also expect some of the other vehicles to be more frequently used by leaders as well for two reasons. Younger persons will enter the executive ranks in greater numbers and with time will come broader acceptance of new approaches."

The research was based on the responses of 139 business executives.

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